Dream Halloween is a series of highly detailed cars that were sold for charity. They came packaged in a clear acrylic box.


The following vehicles were used in the Dream Halloween:

Year Casting Name Color Photo
1998 Way 2 Fast Silver 1998 Dream Halloween
1999 '32 Ford Iridescent Light Green Image Not Available
2000 Anglia Panel Truck Spectraflame Purple Image Not Available
2001 '63 Cadillac Fleetwood Orange Image Not Available
2002 Dairy Delivery Spectraflame Blue Image Not Available
2003 1989 Batmobile Spectraflame Purple BATMOBILE 1989 DREAM HALLOWEEN CAAF 2013
2004 W-Oozie Spectraflame Light Green Image Not Available
2005 '56 Ford Truck Spectraflame Gold Image Not Available
2006 1957 Chevy Nomad Custom Spectraflame Blue 1957 Chevy Nomad Custom Dream Halloween 2006
2007 '41 Willys Spectraflame Copper 2fff
2008 1966 TV Series Batmobile Spectraflame Blue Hw 1966 batmobile 2008 xxxxx side 01 Dream Halloweens Benefiting CAAF Children Affected by Aids Foundation
2009 Crew Car Iridescent Chrome Gold / Purple Image Not Available
2010 Volkswagen Drag Bus Spectraflame Orange Image Not Available
2011 Blown Delivery [[Spectraflame]] Olive 121
2012 Purple Passion Green Image Not Available
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