Drift Tech
Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Eric Tscherne
Number G8096


This car was not seen in any AcceleRacers movie. This car has a transverse four cylinder turbocharged engine there is a drive by wire steering and carbon fiber body on coil overs and aluminum chassis 20" wheels. This car is a mix of various Teku cars, such as having the basic design similar to that of Power Rage, and having the roof airscoop of SpecTyte. In 2016, there was a minor change to the casting; the spoiler is no longer a separate piece.


The Drift Tech has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Coll # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
- 2005 AcceleRacers Teku #2 Blue White & orange, "Teku" ZAMAC / Metal Orange Chrome CM6 G8096 Malaysia Orange spoiler 05-G8096 Drift Tech Blue-Orange wing top rsz
- 2005 AcceleRacers Teku #2/9 Blue White & orange, "Teku" ZAMAC / Metal Orange Chrome CM6 G8096 Malaysia

Blue Spoiler. 

- 2006 Ultimate Track 3-Pack Yellow Silver & black w/bee tampos, "G Machine" ZAMAC / Metal Tinted Chrome Yellow CM6 J3558 Malaysia A3t7
- 2007 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Silver N/A ZAMAC / Metal Red Black Red PR5 M3081 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive Drifttech
- 2007 Holiday Hot Rods 3-Pack Satin Red N/A ZAMAC / Metal Clear Chrome PR5 M7625 Thailand Target Exclusive Holiday Rods Drift Tech
5pk 2008 Max Steel Gray Gray, black & white tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue OH5 Malaysia Date Code(s): 2008-5P-Max Steel-Drift Tech
2009 Race Aces Chrome Red, black, & white tampos, "2" on sides & hood Black / Metal Red Chrome Red PR5 P3502 Malaysia Date Code(s): RaceAcesDriftTech
- 2009 Mega Chomp Starter Set Gray Blue, red, white & black shark mouth design Red / Metal Red Red PR5 Malaysia Date Code(s): Drifttech
2010 Color Shifters Orange (Cold) / Yellow (Warm) Hot Wheels logo, orange flames Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome PR5 Thailand Also in the Color Shifters Line of 2014
Date Code(s):
2015 Color Shifters Purple (Cold) / White (Warm) Purple & White stripes, '68', HW Logo on sides Black / Metal Tinted Grey Black/White rim (Front) & Purple Chrome (Rear) OH5 CFM42 Thailand Date Code(s): H29 DriftTechCFM42Cold
5pk 2016 Track Builder Blue Black, Green, Yellow & White deco, '05' on sides Metalflake Silver / Metal Clear Orange Black Black PR5 w/ Yellow rims DJD18 Thailand Date Code(s): J09 DriftTechDJD18
1 / 8 2016 Ghostbusters Red Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on sides ZAMAC / Metal Black Black Blue-chrome PR5 DWD95 Thailand Date Code(s): J40 Ghostbusters Drift Tech
5pk 2018 City Gray 'Hot Wheels Auto Repair', HW logo on sides Bronze / Metal Blue Red White PR5 FKT52 Indonesia Date Code(s): L08, L18 Drift Tech City Pack 2018


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