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If you can answer 'yes' to any of the following questions, this Hot Wheels Collectibles Drive In car set will have a special significance for you.

Have you ever...

  1. Bounced around inside a dark car trunk, breathing gas fumes in an attempt to get into a drive-in without paying for a ticket?
  2. Flashed your car lights on the screen to get the projectionist to start the movie?
  3. Rushed back to the car from the playground/concession stand because the cartoon was starting?
  4. Stolen a kiss in the backseat?
  5. Wiped steam off the inside of the windows?
  6. Accidentally honked the horn when your foot became entangled in the steering wheel?
  7. Been involved in all of the above?

We hope you enjoy the Hot Wheels Collectibles Drive In car set, which includes a hot '49 Merc, a cool '50 custom Buick, and a classic '32 Ford deuce coupe. Please remember to remove the speaker from your window and place it back on its stand before leaving the drive in.


The following vehicles were included in the Drive In 3-Car Set (27009):

Casting Name Color Tampo Photo
'32 Ford Coupe Red White Roof & White Pinstripes PSX 20190708 094549
'50's Buick Woody Light Purple Purple Side PSX 20190708 094535
'49 Merc Green White Scallops PSX 20190708 094516

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