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Dwayne A. Vance, Founder and Chief Designer, of Future Elements. His work can be seen of rendering a hot rod, a sketch of a futuristic concept car, or from a list of designed Hot Wheels listed below.

Dwayne, who founded the company after 8 years working in the design industry with companies like Mattel Hot Wheels and Troy Lee Designs, has an Automotive Design degree from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. His skill as a designer and vision for the firm is deeply rooted in his love for automobiles and entertainment. He has been published in magazines and books such as Imagine FX, 2D artist, 35 Years of Hot Wheels, How to Draw Hot Wheels and his artwork was also featured in the Hot Wheels collection at the Peterson Automobile Museum in Los Angeles.

He worked at Hot Wheels from 2002 to 2005 and was the lead designer for the AcceleRacers; he returned to Mattel as a Lead Designer for Hot Wheels in October 2019. He currently acts as Design Manager, a position he has held since March 2021.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2003 1968 Mustang 2003 First Editions: 'Tooned 34/42 56386
68 mustang fe.jpg
2003 HKS Altezza 2003 First Editions: 'Tooned 28/42 58374
HKS Altezza blkL.JPG
2004 '49 Merc 2004 First Editions: Hardnoze 19/100 B3553
49 Merc Fard Noze.jpg
2004 1964 Chevy Impala 2004 First Editions: 'Tooned 33/100 C2706
2004 Brick Cutter 2004 First Editions: Blings 55/100 B3563
Brick Cutter 04FE.jpg
2004 Duplified 2004 First Editions: Fatbax 67/100 C2731
2004 Mercy Breaker 2004 First Editions: 'Tooned 68/100 C2724
2004 Sir Ominous 2004 First Editions: 'Tooned 59/100 B3548
Sir Ominous 2004.jpg
2005 Bully Goat 2005 First Editions: Realistix 14/60 G7928
Bully Goat Art.jpg
2005 Phastasm 2005 First Editions: X-Raycers 57/60 G7927
2005 RD-09 AcceleRacers 9/9 G8115
2010 Scorcher 2010 New Models 5/44 R0920
Scorcher red.jpg
2010 Buster Tank Battle Force 5 - P2013
2010 Chopper Battle Force 5 - P2014
2011 Buster Tank Battle Force 5 - T5896
Buster Tank package front.png
2021 DAVancenator HW Race Day 9/10 GRX54
2021NM22 (Large).JPG
2021 FusionBusta HW Flames 4/5 GRX56
2021 Beast Man Masters of the Universe Character Cars - GRM24
Beast man.JPG
2021 Chuckie Rugrats Character Cars - GRM53
Image Not Available.jpg
2021 Gudetama Sanrio Character Cars - GWR44
2021 Jerry the Mouse Hanna-Barbera Character Cars - GRM59
2021 Reptar Rugrats Character Cars - GRM54
Image Not Available.jpg
2021 Sally Disney Character Cars - GRM67
Disney Character Car Sally 2021.jpg
2021 Santa Jack Disney Character Cars - GRM66
Image Not Available.jpg
2021 Scooby-Doo Hanna-Barbera Character Cars - GRM62
2021 Shaggy Hanna-Barbera Character Cars - GRM61
2021 Shang-Chi Marvel Character Cars - GRM33
2021 The Brow Space Jam: A New Legacy Character Cars - GWR49
Space Jam The Brow.jpg
2021 Tom the Cat Hanna-Barbera Character Cars - GRM58
2021 Wrecker Star Wars Character Cars - GRM28
Wrecker 2021 character.jpg
2021 Winston Overwatch Character Cars - GRM41
Image Not Available.jpg
2022 1949 VW "Kawa-Bug-A" RLC Exclusive - Unknown
Image Not Available.jpg

1:18th Scale

  • '68 Camaro
  • F4 Bike

HIN Line

  • Mazda RX-8
  • Mazda RX-7
  • Dodge SRT-4

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Future Elements Concept Work
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