2012 Thrill Racers Earthquake mainline segment

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1 Hummer H2 SUT Green Black and Brown stripes, White "12", "Earthquake", "Patrol" and "Zone" Black / Plastic Clear Chrome OR5SP V5525 Malaysia Base Code(s): D47 Hummer H2 SUT.221 2012 Thrill Racers - Earthquake
2 Toyota Baja Truck Satin Blue Orange Rock tampo, White stripes, Sponsor decos, "3" Gray / Plastic None Orange Orange Chrome Rimmed OR6SP V5526 Malaysia Base Codes: E27, E32 2012-222-TRE02-ToyotaOffRoadTruck-Blue
3 Power Sander Metallic Teal and Orange Blue & White tampos, White "2" racing deco Unpainted / Metal Unpainted Metal White rim MC5 Front, White OR6SP Rear V5527 Malaysia Base Code(s): E07, E12 2012-TRE-PowerSander-Teal
4 Mega-Duty Tan Red tampos, Black & White racing decos, "30" Chrome / Plastic Tinted (Black) Red OR6SP Gold Chrome Rim V5528 Malaysia Base code(s): E16 DSCN3326-1-
5 Dieselboy Red White & Black tampos, "68" Black Plastic Tinted ZAMAC Gold rim, Black OH5 V5529 Malaysia Base code(s): E26 Dieselboy-2012 225 Thrill Racers Earthquake
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