Debut Series Megaforce Series
Produced 1982 - Present
Designer Larry Wood
Number 5268
Super Cannon TanOrg


Noted for two machine guns on each side of the car, missiles on the roof, and its rear-mounted laser gun, it deserves the name of The Enforcer. First came out as the Megadestroyer 1 and 2 in 1982 as part of a series based on the movie Megaforce. It was later released as the Super Cannon. Enforcer is the 3rd and current release name.


The Enforcer has been released in the following versions:

Coll # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
N/A 1982 Megaforce Series Tan Brown & Black lightning bolts Tan / Metal Black Black BW 5268 Malaysia Released as Megadestroyer 1 Super Cannon TanOrg
N/A 1982 Megaforce Series Black No tampos Black / Metal Black Black BW 5269 Malaysia Released as Megadestroyer 2 Mega force black
N/A 1985 Mainline Olive Green Green, Tan & Brown camouflage Olive / Metal Black Black BW 9373 Malaysia Released as Super Cannon Enforcer CamoOlive
N/A 1985 Battleground Gift 4-Pack Black Gray camouflage, w/ Black spider in Yellow circle Black / Metal Black Black BW 9412 Malaysia Released as Super Cannon & only in 4-Pack Super Cannon Blk
N/A 1985 Mainline Tan Green, White & Brown camouflage Tan / Metal Black Black BW 9373 Malaysia Released as Super Cannon Enforcer CamoTan
5pk 1994 Action Command 5-Pack Olive Green Green, Yellow & Brown camouflage Olive / Metal Black White BW 11378 Malaysia Released as Super Cannon Super Cannon OlvBWW
274 1995 Mainline Olive Green Green, Yellow & Brown camouflage Olive / Metal Black White 5SP 11378 Malaysia Released as Super Cannon Super Cannon Olv5SPW
461 1996 1996 Hot Wheels Metalflake Dark Purple No tampos Unpainted / Metal Chrome 5SP 15968 China Renamed Enforcer for this & all following releases Super Cannon Prpl
2001 Mainline
Metalflake Green Tan, White and Black "Police" Black / Metal Black 5SP 15968 Thailand Super Cannon MtGrn
5pk 2001 Police Cruisers 5-Pack Metalflake Green Tan, White and Black "Police" Black 5SP 50024 Thailand Super Cannon MtGrn
2002 Mainline
Metalflake Gold Red, Black, White flames, HW logo, gunsights and "Enforcer" Unpainted / Metal Black 5SP 55054 China Variant also with Metalflake Grey base Is2002-55054
2004 Scrapheads
Metallic Green Viking Head w/ Orange, Yellow, Black & White tampos on sides & hood Unpainted / Metal Black 5SP B3877 Thailand Enforcer viking
N/A 2007 Truckin' Transporters Dark Olive Brown, Black & Light Green Camo designs Unpainted / Metal Black 5SP L3191 Malaysia ENFORCER TT
5pk 2008 Street Beast 5-Pack Gold Black & Silver designs, '447' on sides Unpainted / Metal Black Gold 5SP L9965 Thailand Street Beast 5-Pack Enforcer - 7083df
2009 Military Rods Tan Black, White & Silver on sides & hood, w/ 5 White Stars and "Desert Patrol" Unpainted / Metal Black Black 5SP N9800 Thailand N9800 c 09 001
2009 Fire Rods Metallic Maroon Dark Blue flames with a yellow outline, "Miramar Fire and Rescue", "09" "Fire Dept." Unpainted / Metal Black Gold Chrome rim, Black OH5 N9036 Thailand Enforcer FireRods
N/A 2009 Cop Rods Metalflake Silver Red, White & Grey tampos, 'Warren Police', 'Emergency' & '23' on sides, Stripes & 'Emergency' across hood & interior Black / Plastic Black OR5SP N9002 Thailand 10 26 enforcer
2010 Race World Underground
Metalflake Olive Green Yellow, Dark Green & Silver tampos, 'Creature Catcher' & 'Enforcer' on sides Unpainted / Metal Dark Tint 5SP R7617 Malaysia Base code(s): C16 Enforcer Underground
5pk 2011 Attack Pack Pearl Yellow Black, white, orange & silver tampos, "Payback", "12" Black / Plastic Black 5SP T8636 Thailand Base code(s): Enforcer AttackPack
2013 HW Imagination Dino Riders
Metallic Green Yellow and White flames Chrome / Plastic Yellow Tint Brown & Chrome Orange OR5SP X1716 Malaysia Base code(s): E10 Enforcer-2013 069
2015 HW Off-Road Battle Kings
Anodized Silver Black, Yellow, Green & Purple stripes, '99' on sides Yellow / Plastic Black Chrome Purple OR6SP / Yellow OR6SP CFK44 Malaysia Treasure Hunt
Base code(s):
IMG 7145
5/8 2015 Star Wars White Red, Black and Yellow, Star Wars "Rebel Alliance" Graphics Orange / Plastic Black Chrome Red OR6SP CKJ44 Malaysia Base code(s): H32 Enforcer - 15 Star Wars Factions 600pxDM
N/A 2016 Multipack Exclusive Khaki Green Black & Brown decos on sides Grey / Plastic Black Chrome Orange OR5SP X6999 Malaysia Base code(s): H44 EnforcerX6999
5pk 2017 Dino Riders Red Yellow, Black & Brown stripes & dots Green / Plastic Black Brown & Black 5SP DVG03 Indonesia Base code(s): K27 DinoHuntersEnforcer
5pk 2019 Police Pursuit Matte Black Blue & Silver stripes, '03', "SWAT" & 'HW Police' on sides Red / Plastic Grey Chrome Blue OR6SP FYL15 Indonesia Base code(s): M28 Enforcer-5pk-Police-2019


Engine: Flat eight(F8) Vega Blaster
Horsepower: 956 hp
Speed: 256 mph (411 Km/H)
Acceleration (0-60) mph: 6.5 sec


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