Welcome to the crazy world of error collecting. This guide features many of the different error types any Hot Wheels vehicle can have. It is broken down by the individual parts of a vehicle and some of the manufacturing steps. A basic Hot Wheels generally contains five main parts consisting of a body, window piece, interior, base and axle sets (wheels). Occasionally there can be an accessory piece such as a wing or surfboard. Every piece and the manufactureing steps have numerous ways to fail in their own unique way. Click on the links below to see the carnage.

Wheel Errors

Error Type Description Picture


All Small Wheels. W All Small Wheels
ALW All Large Wheels. W All Large Wheels
Wrong Thickness Correct rim styles but wheels either too thick or too thin for location. W Wrong Thickness
Wrong Size Wheel Set A matching wheel set either too large or too small for the vehicle W Wrong Size Wheel Set
One Wrong Size Wheel One wheel on an axle set too large or small. W One Wrong Size Wheel
Mismatch Wheels Two different wheel rim styles on a car. W Mis-Match
Mismatch Wheel Types Basic wheel and Real Rider axles mixed. W Mis-Match Types
Wrong Size & Mismatch Wrong size wheel and mismatched. W Wrong Size & Mis-Matched
Matchbox Wheel A wheel from a Matchbox car on a HW. W Matchbox Wheel
Hot Wheels Wheel A wheel from a HW on a Matchbox car. W HW Wheel
Reversed Wheels Axles installed backwards on the base. W Reversed Wheels
Backwards Wheel One tire put on the axle with the spokes facing inwards. W Backwards Wheel
Missing Tire Rubber Rim missing the Real Rider rubber tire. W Missing Tire Rubber
Backwards Tire Rubber Real Rider rubber backward on tire so tampo faces inwards. W Backwards Rubber
W Missing Center Hub Missing the center part of a multi-part wheel. W Missing Hub Cap
Mismolded Co-Mold Wheel First pass (inner rim) didn't form correctly. Second pass (outer tire) filled it in. W Mis-Molded Co-Mold
Miscast Wheel Unfinished molding of the wheel. W Mis-Cast
Broken Wheel Part of a broken wheel left on the axle. W Broken Wheel
Missing One Wheel Missing one wheel on a peened axle set. W Missing One Wheel
Missing Axel Set Missing the front, middle or rear axel set. W Missing Wheel Set
Missing All Axles Missing all the wheels. W Missing All Wheels
Missing Axle Sets Happens on vehicles with 3 or more axle sets. W Missing Wheel Sets
Extra Wheels Extra axle set of wheels or one extra wheel inside package. W Extra Wheel Set
Extra Wheels Inside Extra axle set or wheel stuck inside the vehicle. W Extra Wheel Set Inside
Uncrimped Axle Little tabs molded into the base to hold the axle in place missed being crimped down. W Uncrimped Axle Tabs
Misplaced Axle Axle is outside of its slot on the base. W Mis-Placed Axle
Pinched Axle Axel is bent when crimped to the base. W Pinched Axle
Pinched Under Body Wheel is pinched under the vehicle body when assembled. W Pinched Under Body
Axle Installed Wrong Axle is inserted through the spokes of a wheel. W Axle Inserted Wrong
Unpeened Axle Axle is not peened (flattened over) so the wheel falls off. Wheel can still be in the package or missing. W Unpeened Axle
Wrong Axle Size Axel set is too large or small for the car. W Wrong Axle Size
Unchromed Wheel Missed the chrome foil hot stamped to the spoke design. W Unchromed Wheel
Mischromed Chrome finish applied incorrectly. W Mis-Chromed
Foil Edge Hit Caught the edge of foil leaving a straight edge on rim. Coloring can be half missing or only a sliver. W Foil Edge
Over Chromed Foil applied more than once to rim. W Overchrome
Excessive Heat Stayed under the hot stamping tool too long. W Excessive Hot Stamp Heat
Tool Strike The pattern of the wheel is pulled off when hit by the stamper again. W Tool Strike
Wrong Wheel Finish Wrong wheel used in the chrome process. This example has a 5 Spoke rear wheel that attempted to get just the outer rim chromed. W Wrong Wheel Finish
Mismatch Chrome Same wheel but two different chrome applications. EX: Chrome rim ring on one wheel and all chrome rim on the other. W Mis-Match Chrome
Dual Finishes A wheel with two finish treatments. EX: The front wheel should only be all orange but this one got a chrome rim applied too. W Double Painted Wheel
Mismatch Colors Same wheel but two different colors. W Mis-Match Colors
Missing Wheel Tampo Missing the wheel tampo. W Missing Wheel Tampo
Misplaced Wheel Tampo Wheel tampo applied wrong. W Mis-Placed Wheel Tampo
Tampo Wrong Side Tampo applied to the back side of a wheel. W Tampo on Wrong Side
Double Wheel Tampo Tampo applied to the wheel twice. W Double Wheel Tampo
Retampoed Wheel Two different tampo designs applied to the same wheel. W Retampoed
Mismatch Tampos Correct wheel rims but different tampos on them. W Mis-Match Tampos
Too Much Paint Too much paint applied in the wheel tampo process. W Too Much Tampo Paint
Wrongly Tampoed Wheel Matching wheels set but one has tampos when it shouldn't. W Wrongly Tampoed Wheel

Vehicle Body Errors

Error Type Description Picture

Bent Body

Smashed or bent body before packaging C Bent Body
Mis-Cast Holes or deformities during the molding process.

C Mis-Cast

Unfinished Casting Missing a large portion of the body. C Unfinished Casting
Casting Tab Extra chunk of metal or plastic on the base leftover from the molding process. C Casting Tab
Casting Flashing Excess thin metal left on the vehicle. C Casting Flashing
Broken Piece Piece of the body broken off. Broken piece could be in the blister bubble or at the factory. C Broken Piece
Missing Body Part Missing a large piece of the body on a two part vehicle. C Missing Body Part
Missing Body No main body piece on the car. C Missing Body
Extra Body Extra car body in the package. C Extra Body
Body Only Only the vehicle's body is in that package. C Body Only

Base Errors

Error Type Description Picture

Reversed Base

Base put on backwards. B Reversed Base
Upside Down Base riveted on upside down. B Upside Down Base
Wrong Base Base from a different vehicle. This '68 Nova has a '68 Cougar base. B Wrong Base

Missing Base Missing the base. Post can be spun or unspun. B Missing Base
Bent Base Warped or bent not due to being misriveted. B Bent Base
Broken Base Snapped or cracked base. Can be missing broken part. B Broken Base
Miscast Base Incomplete molded part or cast with holes in it. B Mis-Cast Base
Blockage Something in mold to cause a blank spot on the base. B Blockage
Casting Tab Extra chunk of metal or plastic on the base leftover from the molding process. B Casting Tab on Base
Flashing Excess thin material left on the base. B Flashing
Mischromed Base Bad finish (Satin Look) or completely missing chrome in spots. B Mis-Chromed
Debris In Chrome Material stuck in finish. B Debris
Mispainted Base Under or over sprayed paint on a base. B Mispainted
Missing Tampo Missing the painted detailing on the base. B Missing Paint Detail
Misplaced Date Code Put in a spot where it is illegible or obscured by mistake. B Misplaced Datecode
Bad Date Code The code is a letter and number between 01-52. This one is B92. B Bad Date Code

Interior Errors

Error Type Description Picture

Missing Interior

No interior piece. I Missing Interior
Reversed Interior Piece put in backwards. I Reversed Interior
Upside Down Interior Piece put in upside down. I Upside Down Interior

Misplaced Interior Interior piece out of place causing assembly problems. I Misplaced Interior
Loose Interior Part or all of the interior loose in the package. I Loose Interior Piece
Wrong Interior Piece from a different vehicle. I Wrong Interior
Extra Interior Another interior piece inside the package. I Extra Interior
Mischromed Interior Missing part of the chrome finish exposing raw plastic. I Mis-Chromed
Casting Tab Piece of plastic or metal left over from the molding process. I Casting Tab

Window Errors

Error Type Description Picture

Missing Windows

No window piece G Missing Windows
Missing Partial Windows Missing one part or a multi-piece window. GMissingPartialWindows
Loose Window Popped out or unsnapped window piece still in package. G Loose Window
Misplaced Window Piece can be too far forward, back or crooked. G Mis-PlacedWindow
Backwards Window Window piece in backwards. G Backwards Window
Upside Down Window Window piece installed upside down. G Upside Down Window
Wrong Window Piece Incorrect window for the vehicle. G Wrong Window Piece
Two Window Pieces Stuffed inside one car. G Two Window Pieces
Extra Window Piece Another window piece inside the package. GExtraWindowPiece
Miscast Piece Unfinished or deformed piece. GMis-Cast
Casting Flashing Extra thin chunks of plastic left on a window piece. G Extra Casting Slag
Air Bubble Air bubble trapped in window piece. G Air Bubble
Double Tampo Extra window tampo. G Double Tampo
Stray Tampo Random tampo placement. EX: Back window has another Super Tsunami tampo. G Stray Tampo
Missing Tampo Color One of the design's colors missing. EX: No red on the banner. G Missing Tampo Color
Unspun Keeper Post Post that keeps window piece not spun or crimped. G Unspun Keeper Post

Paint & Tampo Errors

Error Type Description Picture

No Tampos

Missing the graphics T Missing Tampos

Missing Tampo Color Missing one or more colors that make up the tampo. T Missing Tampo Color
Multi Tampos Two or more applications of the tampo. T Double Tampos
Single Color Dual Application Only one of the colors stamped two or more times. T Single Color Dual Application
Extra Tampo Paint Smear Too much paint caused by poor tampo application. Can be large streaks, blobs or long thing stripes. T Extra Tampo Paint Smear
Misplaced Tampos Tampo applied too high, low, forward or back of where it should be. T Mis-Placed Tampos
Misaligned Tampo Colors Different color tampo passes not aligned. T Mis-Aligned Tampo Colors
Tampo Color Shortage One or more of the tampo colors applied too light or not enough. T Tampo Color Shortage
Reversed Tampo Tampo applied backwards. T Reversed Tampo
Upside Down Tampo Tampo applied upside down. T Upside Down Tampo
Retry Tampo color or all colors applied upside down and then run through again correctly. T Retry
Bleed Through Sometimes HW cars are repainted when there are leftovers. If not done properly, the car's first paint job bleeds through the new one. T Bleed Through
Missing Main Body Color Missing a main color spray in a two tone paint job. T Missing Main Color
Under Spray Too little body paint applied leaving raw ZAMAC. T Under Spray
Over Spray Heavy paint coat that fills in small details on the casting. T Over Painted
Paint Run Body paint run. T Paint Run
Debris In Finish Tape, fuzz or hair stuck in the paint or tampo design. T Debris in Paint
Finger Prints Finger prints in the finish. T Finger Prints

Final Assembly Errors

Error Type Description Picture

Too Much Force

Bent the vehicle when riveted. R Too Much Force
Alignment Problem Body and base not aligned when riveted. R Alignment Problem
One Misriveted Post Only one of the two post misriveted. R Mis-Riveted Rear
Misriveted Both post struck wrong. R Mis-Riveted
Partially Spun Post Post not fully smashed down leaving play in the parts. R Partially Spun Post
Unspun Post Only one of the two post unspun. R Unspun Post
Unspun / Unriveted Rivet posts missed being spun down to lock the car together. R Unriveted
Unlatched Body is not hooked over or into the base to lock car together properly. R Unlatched Rear
Tool Strike Car was upside down in the rivet spinning machine. R Tool Strike
Re-Try Front post was already spun when the base was put on and then the rear post spun. R Re-Try

Miscellaneous Errors

Error Type Description Picture

Loose Engine

Engine loose in the package.

O Loose Engine

Mis-Installed Engine Piece installed wrong. O Misplaced Engine
Backwards Engine Engine piece facing the wrong direction. O Backwards Engine
Missing Engine Engine piece left behind at the factory. M Missing Engine
Loose Wing/Spoiler Loose wing or spoiler off the top, front or rear of the vehicle. O Loose Wing Spoiler
Missing Wing/Spoiler Missing the wing or spoiler off the top, front or rear of the vehicle. M Missing Wing Spoiler
Backwards Wing/Spoiler Installed backwards. O Backwards Wing Spoiler
Misplaced Wing/Spoiler Installed wrong. O Misplaced Wing-Spoiler
Casting Tab Extra chunk of metal or plastic on the wing leftover from the molding process. O Casting Tab Accessory
Missing Fenders Missing the fender piece. M Missing Fenders
Mis-Installed Grill/Bumpers Piece installed wrong. O Mis-Installed Part
Missing Grill/Bumpers Missing the front or rear bumper or grill piece. M Missing Grill Bumpers
Missing Interior & Window No interior & window piece. M Missing Interior & Windows
Sideways Hood Hood piece attached to vehicle wrong. O Sideways Hood
Missing Hood Missing the hood on an opening hood vehicle. M Missing Hood
Missing Hood & Painted No hood before paint and engine bay gets paint & tampo. O Painted Missing Hood
Loose Accessory Any secondary piece loose in the bubble. O Loose Accessory
Missing Accessory Can be missing a secondary part of the vehicle like the surfboards, driver or spare tire. M Missing Accessory
Extra Accessory Extra accessory piece belonging to vehicle. O Extra Accessory Part
Extra Foreign Part Extra part of a different car in the package. O Extra Foreign Part
Miscast Accessory Any mismolded or extra material on a accessory part. O Mis-Cast Accessory
Multi-Error Any vehicle with multiple problems not caused by a specific error. PIC EXAMPLE: ASW and Misaligned Base. NON Double Error Example: Misplaced window causing the car to not fit the base right. O Double Error
Trapped Debris Hair, tape or any other object stuck in the vehicle during assembly. O Trapped Debris
Raw Part Unfinished or plated piece. O Raw Part
QC Arrow A small sticker from Quality Control pointing out an error. O QC Arrow Tag
Wrong Sticker Application Sticker applied wrong. O Wrong Sticker Application
Misprinted Sticker Printing error of the sticker. O Misprinted Sticker
Missing Sticker No sticker. O Missing Sticker
Missing Promo Item Missing the free gift or non vehicle addition to the package. O Missing Promo Item
Wrong Promo Item Wrong item or additional accessory packaged with the vehicle. O Wrong Promo Item

Packaging Errors

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