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|Green, White & Pink tampos & HW logo on sides
|Green, White & Pink tampos & HW logo on sides
|Black / Plastic
|Black / Plastic
|Tinted (Blue)
|Tinted (Purple)
|Light Blue
|Light Blue
|Yellow [[PR5#Full-rim colored PR5|PR5]]
|Yellow [[PR5#Full-rim colored PR5|PR5]]

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Debut Series First Editions
Produced 2001 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 28756
Fandango Group Shot


In 2017 the tooling for this casting was updated: the bumpers and fenders are now part of the plastic interior.


The Fandango has been released in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
048 2001 First Editions
Orange Green, White, & Black "Fandango" Tampos Grey / Plastic Tinted (Orange) Purple PR5/Chrome 28756 Malaysia 2001 First Edition Fandango
N/A 2001 Autozone Exclusive Black Autozone Logo Black / Plastic Clear Orange Chrome PR5 55699 Malaysia 2001 Auto Zone Fandango
085 2002 Yu-Gi-Oh!
Dark Blue Yu-Gi-Oh! Tampos Grey / Plastic Tinted (Green) Black Purple 5SP 54364 Malaysia 2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! Fandango
158 2002 Mainline Yellow Hot Wheels Logo, Orange & Black Design Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Gray Gold PR5 55043 Malaysia 2002 Open Vamp Fandango
N/A 2002 Blue Book 3-Pack Exclusive Red Orange, Black, & White Hot Wheels Tampo & Hot Wheels logo in the back Black / Plastic Clear Gray Chrome PR5 56033 Malaysia 2002 Blue Book Fandango
N/A 2002 Blue Book 3-Pack Exclusive Red Orange, Black, & White Hot Wheels Tampo Black / Plastic Clear White Chrome PR5 56033 Malaysia Image Not Available
N/A 2002 Detail Center Playset Dark Blue Hot Wheels Logo with Yellow Design Grey / Plastic Tinted (Black) White Chrome PR5 65697 Malaysia Playset is part B1365 (Canada) 2003 Detail Center Playset Fandango
110 2003 Sega Games
Light Blue "Space Channel 5" Graphics Black / Plastic Clear Black Chrome PR5 57247 China 2003 Sega Game Fandango
2004 Malaysia Factory Challenge Set Dark Green Flames Black / Plastic Clear Black Chrome 5SP C4561 Malaysia Exclusive to this set 2004 Malaysia Factory Challenge Set Fandango
141 2004 Tag Rides #4 Light Green Green roof tampo Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Grey  Gold PR5 B3862 Malaysia Fandango - Tag Rides Green Art
141 2004 Tag Rides #4 Light Green Yellow roof tampo Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Grey Gold PR5 B3862 Malaysia Fandango - Tag Rides Yellow Art
5pk 2006 Sci-Fi Hiway Green Yellow & Black with "The Atomoscotts" Black / Plastic Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Gold PR5 J3293 China or
Playable vehicle in Hot Wheels: Beat That! (DS version) 2006 Sci-Fi Hiway Fandango
5pk 2008 Hot Wheels City White Chrome Plastic Tinted (Black) Black Chrome PR5 K6176 China or
Base  Code(s): 2008 HW City Works 5-Pack Fandango
5pk 2010 Attack Pack Black White, Yellow & Grey tampos, 'The Enforcer' on sides Black / Plastic Clear Black PR5 R2770 Thailand Base  Code(s): Fandango - 10 Attack Pack 5-Pack
2011 Color Shifters - Glow in the Dark Red (Cold) -> White (Warm) Red graphics & "Hot Wheels" Logo on sides Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Blue) Black 5SP V0578 Malaysia Special Feature: Glow in the dark FANDANGO COLOUR SHIFTERS GLOW (COLD) FANDANGO COLOUR SHIFTERS GLOW (WARM)
2011 Color Shifters - X-Raycers Dark Blue (Cold) -> Translucent Blue (Warm) Green, Purple & White Graphics Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 5SP W4109 Thailand Special Feature: Changes Color.
Base code(s): E17
Fandango-CSXRAY-Dark copyFandango-CSXRAY-Light copy
5pk 2012 Max Steel Urban Storm (Tempestade Urbana) Transparent Green Orange, Black & Silver, "Max Steel", "Ntek" Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Orange) Chrome 5SP X1112 Thailand Base code(s): E31 Fandango-MaxSteel
5pk 2013 Auto Motion Speedway 5-Pack Black / Plastic Silver, White, Orange & Green Graphics Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Green) Black Orange Chrome 5SP X9847 Thailand Base code(s): Fandango-AutoMotion5 copy
5pk 2016 Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6 Metalflake Black / Metal White, Light Blue & Cyan "ELECTRO" graphics, Lightning bolt on top Pearl Blue / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Blue Blue-Chrome PR5 DJJ74 Malaysia Base code(s): J12 Fandango - 16 Spider-Man Sinister6 600pxOTD
- 2017 Art Cars
Black Green, White & Pink tampos & HW logo on sides, TH logo on roof Grey / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Green Pink PR5 DVD03 Malaysia Base code(s): K02, K03, K04
Treasure Hunt
242 / 365 2017 Art Cars
Red Green, White & Pink tampos & HW logo on sides Black / Plastic Tinted (Purple) Light Blue Yellow PR5 DVB21 Malaysia Base code(s): K12,K13,K15 HW FANDANGO 3 C
3 / 6 2017 Holiday Hot Rods Grey Black Stripes, Gold Snow Flakes on sides and hood, Winter 2017 on sides. Red / Plastic Tinted (Red) Black GoldOH5 DWC08 Thailand Base code(s): K26 DWC08 C
2018 Checkmate
Black Chess board pattern & "Rook" on top & sides, rook chess piece design on top Grey /


Tinted (Yellow) Yellow OH5 with chrome rims FJX59 Malaysia Base code(s): L07 Fandango - 2018 Checkmate
2018 Checkmate
White Rook with castle, Checker board on sides and top. Grey / Plastic Tinted Yellow Yellow White Rimmed PR5 FJY30 Malaysia Base code(s): L22, L24 Fandango - FJY30 Loose
2018 Star Wars Brown Tan & Black Stripes and Chewbacca on side Black /


Tinted (Blue) Gray Chrome Orange PR5 FKD65 Thailand

Bumpers are part of body

Base code(s): L07

3 / 8 2018 Disney Mickey & Friends Pearl White Orange & Black designs and Goofy on sides Grey /


Tinted (Green) Black Chrome Green 5SP GBB41 Thailand Base code(s): L36 Fandango-Goofy


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