The Fast Responders 5-Pack (FTK58) was released in 2018.



The following castings were in the Fast Responders 5-Pack (FTJ58):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
HW Pursuit Metalflake Purple "STORM PURSUIT & RESCUE" & Purple and Blue lightning on sides Light Blue/ Plastic Tinted (Yellow) White Yellow RA6 FTJ58 Indonesia Base Code(s): HW-Pursuit-FR
Rescue Duty Bright Lime Black, Green, Orange design & "WILDLIFE" on sides Black/ Metal Tinted (Orange) Chrome Copper Rim OH5 FTJ58 Indonesia Base Code(s): Rescue-Duty-FR
Ford Mustang GT Concept Dark Red Blue & White stripes & "HWCPD" on sides Black/ Plastic Tinted (Blue) Light Blue Blue Rim OH5 FTJ58 Indonesia Base Code(s): Ford-Mustang-GT-Concept-FR
'07 Chevy Tahoe Blue Orange lines, Yellow tampo & "FIRE DPT." on sides Grey/ Plastic Tinted (Red) Red Red J5 FTJ58 Indonesia Base Code(s): 07-Chevy-Tahoe-FR
Island Hopper Black Yellow, Blue & Orange tampos, "3 NEWS" & "DISASTER REPORT & RELIEF" on sides Blue / Plastic Clear Blue None FTJ58 Indonesia Base Code(s): Island-Hopper-FR
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