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Fatbax was a series introduced in 2004. All 10 cars had giant rear wheels and tiny front wheels, hence the Fatbax name ("fat backs"). The cars themselves were wedge-shaped and often had exaggerated engine sizes; because of their large rear wheels, they could not fit on Hot Wheels racing tracks and could only work on very few playsets.

The cars with this odd design caused a financial loss for Mattel and the sales of Fatbax cars were low, rendering the series unsuccessful; these were available in stores from 2004 through 2005. Most Fatbax cars have not been produced again since their initial release; the only two Fatbax cars to see a second release were the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C and the Plymouth Barracuda, both in 2005.

The rear wheels have all the same size on every Fatbax model.

Model Name Year Series # Series Photo Original Casting
2004 Mustang GT 2004 2004 First Editions #41 FatbaxMustang.jpg N/A
Plymouth Barracuda 2004 2004 First Editions #45 FatbaxBarracuda.jpg '70 Plymouth Barracuda
Silhouette 2004 2004 First Editions #62 FatbaxSilhouette.jpg Silhouette
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C 2004 2004 First Editions #66 FatbaxCobra.jpg Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
Duplified 2004 2004 First Editions #67 Duplified.jpg N/A
Toyota Supra 2004 2004 First Editions #78 FatbaxSupra.jpg 'Tooned Toyota Supra
Exhausted 2004 2004 First Editions #85 Exhausted.jpg N/A
Jacknabbit Special 2004 2004 First Editions #92 JacknabbitSpecial.jpg Jack Rabbit Special
2005 Corvette 2004 2004 First Editions #95 FatbaxCorvette.jpg C6 Corvette
B-Machine 2004 2004 First Editions #97 BMachine.jpg N/A