Ferrari F50 Challenge
Debut Series 1999 Hot Wheels
Produced 1999 - 2011
Designer Michael Kolins
Ferrari F50 07

This casting was also released as a convertible (see Ferrari F50 Spider).


The Ferrari F50 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1120 1999 1999 Hot Wheels Red Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood Black / Metal Clear Black 5SP 23932 Malaysia Ferrari F50 07
161 2000 2000 Hot Wheels Yellow Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood Black / Metal Clear Black 5SP 27127 Malaysia Ferrari F50 09
238 2001 Mainline Purple Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 5DOT 53767 Malaysia Ferrari F50 14
2005 2005 Ferrari 5 Pack Grey

Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood with Silver Flames on Hood

Metal / Unpainted Clear Chrome Chrome 10SP G6920 Thailand Ferrari F50 12
148 / 180 2007 2007 All Stars Red Ferrari logo on sides & hood Black / Plastic Clear Black PR5 L3101 Malaysia Ferrari F50 05
2007 2007 Ferrari Racer 60th Anniversary #11/24 Black "28" Red, White and Yellow tampos on sides Black / Plastic Clear Red CM6 M4726 Malaysia Ferrari F50 11
2007 2007 Ferrari Racer 60th Anniversary White "07" Black, Red, Dark Grey and Black Black / Plastic Red Red Red CM6 M4734 Malaysia Ferrari F50 10
2008 2008 Ferrari Racer Red White & Black stripes, '50', & Ferrari emblem on sides & hood, White stripe across rear wing Black / Plastic Clear Chrome Red CM6 M9833 Malaysia Ferrari F50 04
2008 2008 Ferrari Racer Dk. Red Ferrari badges on hood & sides, Shell logos on sides, "Ferrari" on rear wing, yellow arrow tampos on hood & sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black Black CM6 M9850 Malaysia Ferrari F50 08
2009 Ferrari 5-Pack Red "White '04' and yellow stripes on sides Black Plastic Tinted Black Gold OH5 L4269 Thailand Ferrari F50 03
2011 Ferrari 5-Pack Blue "24", Yellow and white stripes on sides, Ferrari emblems Black Plastic Clear Gray PR5 T8629 Thailand Base code(s): C40, D02 Ferrari F50 13
2011 Speed_Machines_(2010) Speed Machines Red Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood Chrome Plastic Clear Black




W2312 Thailand Ferrari F50 06
2013 Speed Machines Red Black & White stripes across top & sides, Ferrari logo on hood & sides, headlights Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Chrome & Black OH5SP W2312 Thailand Base code(s): F02 Ferrari F50


From the back of the 2007-card:

Fun Facts:
# 148 of 180!
Did you know that the F50 was first introduced in the Hot Wheels® line in 1996 as a convertible and released in 1999 as a hard top? Look for another Ferrari to undergo similar treatment in 2008!


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