Ferrari F50 Challenge
Debut Series 1999 Hot Wheels
Produced 1999 - 2014
Designer Michael Kolins
Ferrari F50 07

This casting was also released as a convertible (see Ferrari F50 Spider).


The Ferrari F50 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1120 1999 Mainline Red Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood Black / Metal Clear Black 5SP 23932 Malaysia Ferrari F50 07
161 2000 Mainline Yellow Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood Black / Metal Clear Black 5SP 27127 Malaysia Ferrari F50 09
238 2001 Mainline Purple Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 5DOT 53767 Malaysia Ferrari F50 14
5pk 2005 Ferrari Grey Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood with Silver Flames on Hood Metal / Unpainted Clear Chrome Chrome 10SP G6920 Thailand Ferrari F50 12
148 / 180 2007 All Stars Red Ferrari logo on sides & hood Black / Plastic Clear Black PR5 L3101 Malaysia Ferrari F50 05
2007 Ferrari Racer 60th Anniversary #11/24 Black "28" Red, White and Yellow tampos on sides Black / Plastic Clear Red CM6 M4726 Malaysia Ferrari F50 11
2007 Ferrari Racer 60th Anniversary White "07" Black, Red, Dark Grey and Black Black / Plastic Red Red Red CM6 M4734 Malaysia Ferrari F50 10
2008 Ferrari Racer Red White & Black stripes, '50', & Ferrari emblem on sides & hood, White stripe across rear wing Black / Plastic Clear Chrome Red CM6 M9833 Malaysia Ferrari F50 04
2008 Ferrari Racer Dk. Red Ferrari badges on hood & sides, Shell logos on sides, "Ferrari" on rear wing, yellow arrow tampos on hood & sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black Black CM6 M9850 Malaysia Ferrari F50 08
5pk 2009 Ferrari Red "White '04' and yellow stripes on sides Black Plastic Tinted Black Gold OH5 L4269 Thailand Ferrari F50 03
5pk 2011 Ferrari Blue "24", Yellow and white stripes on sides, Ferrari emblems Black Plastic Clear Gray PR5 T8629 Thailand Base code(s): C40, D02 Ferrari F50 13
2011 Speed Machines Red Ferrari Logo on Side and Hood Chrome Plastic Clear Black Chrome Rim CM6 W2312 Thailand Ferrari F50 06
2013 Speed Machines Red Black & White stripes across top & sides, Ferrari logo on hood & sides, headlights Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Chrome & Black OH5SP W2312 Thailand Base code(s): F02 Ferrari F50


From the back of the 2007-card:

Fun Facts:
# 148 of 180!
Did you know that the F50 was first introduced in the Hot Wheels® line in 1996 as a convertible and released in 1999 as a hard top? Look for another Ferrari to undergo similar treatment in 2008!


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