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Flying Customs Series 2013

Get your groove on with Flying Customs®. These stylin' rides are a Hot Wheels® salute to the past with retro decos and wide-tracking fat blackwall tires!


Besides several favorite vehicles, you will find a couple of new castings making their debut in the series, as well as some retools and some with a diecast base for the first time. The castings in the series have a combination of UH, GHO, SHO, BW, and CT wheels.


Mix 1

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
X8194 '69 COPO Corvette Metalflake Gray 0601
X8188 '74 Chevy Vega Pro Stock Green New tool
Base code(s):
74-chevrolet-vega-pro stock-green-hw (2)
X8189 '76 Chevy Monza Yellow Base code(s): '76 Chevy Monza-2013 Flying Customs
X8186 '77 Plymouth Arrow Funny Car Metalflake Blue Base code(s): '77 Plymouth Arrow Funny Car-2013 Flying Customs
X8187 Dumpin' A White, Blue dumper, Red Fenders Base code(s): Dumpin' A-2013 Flying Customs

Mix 2

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
X8190 Sheriff Patrol White New tool!
Base code(s):
Sheriff Patrol
X8191 Custom '42 Jeep CJ-2A White New die-cast chassis!
Base code(s): E46;
Custom '42 Jeep CJ-2A Flying Customs
X8192 Tyrrell P34 Black New die-cast chassis!
Base code(s): E46;
Tyrrell P34-2013 Flying Customs
X8193 '73 Ford Gran Torino Red Base code(s): E46; 73 Ford Gran Torino Flying Customs
X8195 Amphicar Pearl Light Blue Base code(s): E46 Amphicar-2013 Flying Customs

Mix 3

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
X8196 '57 T-Bird Metalflake Orange Base code(s): E46; '57 T-Bird-2013 Flying Customs
X8198 Hare Splitter Dark Blue Base code(s): DSCN1455
X8199 '86 Ford Thunderbird Pro Stock Metalflake Magenta Base code(s): '86 Ford Thunderbird Pro Stock package front
X8200 Baja Bug Yellow Base code(s): F02 HW-2013-Baja Beetle

Mix 4

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
X8203 '71 Mustang Funny Car White Base code(s): F09 '71 Mustang Funny Car-2013 Flying Customs
X8201 '81 Camaro Red New die-cast chassis!
Base code(s): F09
'81 Camaro-2013 Flying Customs
X8216 El Rey Special Metalflake Brown Base code(s): F09 El Rey Special-2013 Flying Customs
X8204 Porsche 914-6 Anodized Blue Base code(s): F09 Porsche 914-6-2013 Flying Customs
X8205 Porsche 935/78 Metalflake Orange Base code(s): F09 Porsche 935-2013 Flying Customs

Mix 5

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
X8208 '69 Camaro Unpainted Hot Wheels 2013 Flying Customs 69 Chevy Camaro BW
X8176 '70 Oldsmobile 442 Yellow New tool!
Base code(s): E46;
Old 442
X8213 '78 Corvette Funny Car Metalflake Midnight Blue Base code(s): F39 Corvette Funny Car-2013 Flying Customs
X8214 ’81 Ford Fairmont Metalflake Blue New tool!
Base code(s):
’81 Ford Fairmont-2013 Flying Customs

Mix 6

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
X8220 Jeep CJ-7 Metalflake Copper New tool!
Base code(s):
X8206 Texas Drive 'Em White Base code(s): Texas
X8219 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Light Blue New die-cast chassis!
Base code(s):
X8178 '76 Chevy Chevette Metalflake Violet New tool!
Base code(s):
1976 chevy


Mix 1

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
Custom '69 Volkswagen Squareback Yellow Base code(s): 2020 Hot Wheels Custom Squareback Flying Customs carded

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