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Ford Model A
Debut Series Custom Classics
Produced 2007
Designer ?
Number L0124
Ford Model A thumb.jpg


The Ford Model A is a 2007 Custom Classics car. It has come out in a 1/50 scale. It has a huge chopped 3-window body. The exhausts stacks above the roofline. It has a very detailed interior and underside.


The Ford Model A has come out in the following 1/50 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
7/9 2007 Custom Classics (Fresh Paint Series 1) Spectraflame Red & Spectraflame White White grille, Silver headlights and drivetrain Metalflake Red / Plastic Tinted (Black) Metalflake Red w/ White seat & steering wheel Black WWCCRR L0124 China Ford Model A thumb.jpg
9/9 2007 Custom Classics (Fresh Paint Series 2) Spectraflame Dark Red Black grille &  Silver headlights & drivetrain Metalflake Dark Red / Plastic Tinted (Black) ? Chrome Gold CCRR L0151 China Ford Model A 2 thumb.jpg
1/9 2007 Custom Classics (Winning Trophy Series 2) Spectraflame White & Spectraflame Dark Blue Silver grille, headlights & drivetrain Metalflake Dark Blue / Plastic Tinted (Black) ? Chrome WWCCRR L0160 China Ford Model A 3 thumb.jpg
3/5 2007 Custom Classics (Winning Trophy Series 1) Spectraflame Green Silver grille, headlights & drivetrain, Black flames on sides Metalflake Green / Plastic Tinted (Black) ? Chrome CCRR L0168 China Ford Model A 4 thumb.jpg

Custom Classics (Fresh Paint Series)-card

From the back of the Custom Classics (Fresh Paint Series)-card:

Our Model A is old school taken to the extreme. The 3-window body sports a huge chop and is channeled down into the weeds. Check out the windshield visor and vintage steelies. The carb stacks soar above the roofline, and with those zoomies and vintage flathead, they'll hear ya comin'. About the only thing left alone was the grille...or was it??



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