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Fraser Campbell joined the Hot Wheels Design Team in 2000 after working in Mattel's UK Office. After the office was shut down Fraser continued on working on various items as a contractor until he was persuaded to move stateside.

Fraser spent the majority of his time developing more toyetic concepts as well as being the principal designer for the Monster Jam line and the Power Rigs. Still, Campbell always contributed hot designs to the line each year beginning with his first: the Maelstrom. Many of Campbell's designs pay homage to his British heritage like, Fish'd & Chip'd, Lotus Esprit and the Cockney Cab II.

Fraser is also known for some of his interesting 1/18th motorcycle designs like Twin Flame and a Ferrari powered concept. Today Fraser works on almost every product the brand produces by virtue of his current location in Hong Kong.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2001 Maelstrom 2001 First Editions 12/36 28754 FE Maelstrom
2002 Backdraft 2002 First Editions 15/42 52909 FE Backdraft
2002 Lotus Esprit 2002 First Editions 32/42 52917 LotusEsprit
2003 Fish'd & Chip'd 2003 First Editions 04/42 56356 FishdChipd
2004 Blings Hyperliner 2004 First Editions 13/100 B3562 FE Blings Hyperliner
2004 Blings Lotus Esprit 2004 First Editions 11/100 C2703 FE Blings Lotus Esprit
2004 F-Racer 2004 First Editions 30/100 B3531 Mystery F-Racer
2004 The Gov'ner 2004 First Editions 21/100 C2702 FE-Red Govner
2004 Lamborghini Countach ('Tooned) 2004 First Editions 79/100 C2704 FE Tooned Countach
2004 Sixy Beast 2004 First Editions 96/100 C2757 FE SixyBeast
2005 Cockney Cab II 2005 First Editions 17/20 G6731 FE Cockney Cab II
2006 Pharodox 2006 First Editions 10/38 J3251 FE Pharodox
2007 Chevy Silverado 2007 New Models 20/36 K6152 Red FE Chevy Silverado
2008 Fast Fish 2008 New Models 14/40 L9937 FE Green Fast Fish
2008 Prototype H-24 2008 New Models 12/40 L9929 FE H-24
2008 RocketFire 2008 New Models 22/40 L9937 FE RocketFire
2009 Mid Mill 2009 New Models 12/42 N4015 Mid Mill FC
2009 La Fasta 2009 New Models 24/42 N4027 La Fasta FC
2009 F1 Racer 2009 New Models 31/42 N4033 F1 Racer FC
2009 Fast FeLion 2009 New Models 34/42 N4037 Fast Felion
2012 Growler 2012 New Models 7/50 V5295 Growler3D
2012 Superman DC Character Cars N/A W4511 Superman2
2014 RRRoadster 2014 New Models 5/10 BDD04 2014 BDD04 RRRoadster
2015 Jedi Luke Skywalker Star Wars Character Cars N/A CGN44 SWHW - Jedi Luke
2016 The Beatles Yellow Submarine HW Screen Time 5/5 DHP33 Yellow Submarine (DTX33)

Haulers, Trucks, & Motorcycles

Over the years, Fraser has worked on many of the Haulers and Truckin' Transporters for the Hot Wheels line. He brings a wide variety of designs to these trucks from exotic futuristic rigs to modern ones that could easily hit today's highways. He has also worked on the larger-scale Hot Wheels motorcycles like the Twin Flame and Ferenzo.

Monster Jam

The Monster Jam line is where Fraser has done a lot of his work. Many of the monster trucks have been designed or shrunk to small scale by him. So far the Monster Jam trucks have been a smashing hit In fact, the Batman, Superman, TMNT, Spiderman, Wolverine and Taz were all designed small first and then made into real trucks for Monster Jam.
Some of his works include:

  • Five-O
  • Titus
  • Great Bite
  • Avenger
  • Grave Digger
  • Backdraft
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Cremator
  • Taz
  • Prime Evil
  • War Wizard
  • Illimonator
  • The Beast
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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