2001 Fuel Altereds Vintage Drags

The Fuel Altered class has facetiously been called "drag racing's most exciting 3/8ths of a mile" because the ultra powerful cars were impossible to steer in a straight line, thus causing them to travel more than 1/4 mile before hitting the finish line.

Ironically, the fuel was not altered - it was the wheelbase. Owners would shorten the wheel bases and drop in huge engines.. the lightweight car bodies were often afterthoughts. These radical and frequently uncontrollable rods were crowd favorites during the '50s and '60s and went on to become among the most popular cars in drag racing history.

100% Hot Wheels has recreated two legendary cars from the cherished era. Pure Hell and Winged express are so hot they might make your eyes burn just by looking at them. And they are sure to create great memories for those who loved drag racing's Fuel Altered class.


The following vehicles were included in the Fuel Altereds Vintage Drag 2-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
Winged Express Red WINGED EXPRESS 2001 Fuel Altered Vintage Drag
Pure Hell Dark Red PURE HELL 2001 Fuel Altered Vintage Drag
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