GM Chevroletor
Debut Series Designers Challenge
Produced 2008 - Present
Designer Amaury Diaz-Serrano
Number M3318


The GM Chevroletor has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
6/7 2008 Designers Challenge Light Blue Red, White, and Black tampos w/'40' on sides & front Silver Plastic Clear Silver Red Line CM6 M3306 Thailand Gm.chevroletor.m3306.b
6/7 2008 Designers Challenge Red Black, White "40" on rear quarters and on front nose Silver Plastic Clear Silver Red Line CM6 M3306 Thailand Gm.chevroletor.m3306.a
6/7 2008 Designers Challenge Black Silver Stripes across top, White stripes on sides Black Plastic Clear Silver Red Line CM6 M3318 Thailand Gm.chevroletor.m3306.a-l
6/7 2008 Designers Challenge White Blue Stripes across top Black Plastic Clear Silver Blue Line CM6 M3318 Thailand Chev white
067 2009 HW Racing
Metalflake Flat Gray Black, White, Silver & Red Hot Wheels Race Team Deco. "4" Black Plastic Red Tint Gray OH5 P2387 Malaysia Chevroletor
046 2010 Regular Treasure Hunts
Dark Red and White White to Yellow to Orange to Red Fire Metallic Gray / Plastic Yellow Silver Red-Rim, Chrome OH5 R7435 Malaysia Base code(s):C03 2010-046a
046 2010 Super Treasure Hunts
Spectraflame Dark Red and White White to Yellow to Orange to Red Fire Metallic Gray / Plastic Yellow Silver Red Line RRE R7447 Malaysia Base code(s): C03 Chevroletor 10TH Super
2011 10-Pack Exclusive Metaflake Purple Black, White, Silver & orange Deco. "4" Black / Plastic Orange Gray OH5 X6999 Thailand Base code(s): GM Chevroletor 10 pack
123 2013 HW Racing Track Aces
Metalflake Black White, Red & Gold deco, "6" Red / Plastic Clear Red Red rim, Black MC5 X1755 Malaysia Base code(s): 2013 GM Chevroletor
123 2013 HW Racing Track Aces
Yellow Black, Red & Silver deco, "6" Yellow / Plastic Red tint Black Red rim, Black MC5 X1938 Malaysia Base code(s): Hot-wheels-chevroletor-yellow-2013-hw-racing
5pk 2015 Spiral Stack-Up Purple Stunt 13 Team White / Plastic Yellow Tinted Black Blue OH5 Thailand Base code(s): H06 HotWheels Chevroletor 2015 Spiral Stack Up
5pk 2016 Track Builder Metalflake Turquoise Black, White, Red & Silver stripes over hood & rear deck. White "03" on hood & rear deck, Black & White HW & sponsor logos on rear deck & rear quarters Black / Plastic Clear Black Black OH5 w/ Red Chrome rims DJD27 Malaysia Base code(s): J20 ChevroletorDJD27
2018 Multi-Pack Exclusive Grey White, Orange & Gold deco, "6" Orange/ Plastic Yellow White Yellow spokes TRAP5 Chevroletor TM GM Malaysia Base code(s): K41 HW CHEVROLETOR TM GM 2018 MULTIPACK GREY
2018 Mystery Models 2 Pearl White Red tampo,"8" "Galactic Racing" and Hot Wheels Logo Red, plastic Light blue tint Black Red with white-rimmed spokes TRAP5 FKW38 Malaysia Base Code(s): L01 Chevroletor Mystery Car Ser.2, 2018


From the back of the 2010-card:

Born: 2007

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Designer: General Motors

Specialty: With roof-mounted torpedoes, side fender loops, and a 1500-hp V16 engine, this car was made to look like a gladiator ready for battle.


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