GM Chevroletor
Debut Series Designers Challenge
Produced 2008 - Present
Designer Amaury Diaz-Serrano
Number M3318


The GM Chevroletor has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
6/7 2008 Designers Challenge Light Blue Red, White, and Black tampos w/'40' on sides & front Silver Plastic Clear Silver Red Line CM6 M3306 Thailand Gm.chevroletor.m3306.b
6/7 2008 Designers Challenge Red Black, White "40" on rear quarters and on front nose Silver Plastic Clear Silver Red Line CM6 M3306 Thailand Gm.chevroletor.m3306.a
6/7 2008 Designers Challenge Black Silver Stripes across top, White stripes on sides Black Plastic Clear Silver Red Line CM6 M3318 Thailand Gm.chevroletor.m3306.a-l
6/7 2008 Designers Challenge White Blue Stripes across top Black Plastic Clear Silver Blue Line CM6 M3318 Thailand Chev white
067 2009 HW Racing
Metalflake Flat Gray Black, White, Silver & Red Hot Wheels Race Team Deco. "4" Black Plastic Red Tint Gray OH5 P2387 Malaysia Base code(s): Chevroletor
046 2010 Regular Treasure Hunts
Dark Red and White White to Yellow to Orange to Red Fire Metallic Gray / Plastic Yellow Silver Red-Rim, Chrome OH5 R7435 Malaysia Base code(s):C03 2010-046a
046 2010 Super Treasure Hunts
Spectraflame Dark Red and White White to Yellow to Orange to Red Fire Metallic Gray / Plastic Yellow Silver Red Line RRE R7447 Malaysia Base code(s): C03 Chevroletor 10TH Super
2011 10-Pack Exclusive Metaflake Purple Black, White, Silver & orange Deco. "4" Black / Plastic Orange Gray OH5 X6999 Thailand Base code(s): GM Chevroletor 10 pack
123 2013 HW Racing Track Aces
Metalflake Black White, Red & Gold deco, "6" Red / Plastic Clear Red Red rim, Black MC5 X1755 Malaysia Base code(s): 2013 GM Chevroletor
123 2013 HW Racing Track Aces
Yellow Black, Red & Silver deco, "6" Yellow / Plastic Red tint Black Red rim, Black MC5 X1938 Malaysia Base code(s): Hot-wheels-chevroletor-yellow-2013-hw-racing
5pk 2015 Spiral Stack-Up Purple Stunt 13 Team White / Plastic Yellow Tinted Black Blue OH5 CDT21 Thailand Base code(s): H06, H07 HotWheels Chevroletor 2015 Spiral Stack Up
5pk 2016 Track Builder Metalflake Turquoise Black, White, Red & Silver stripes over hood & rear deck. White "03" on hood & rear deck, Black & White HW & sponsor logos on rear deck & rear quarters Black / Plastic Clear Black Black OH5 w/ Red Chrome rims DJD27 Malaysia Base code(s): J20 ChevroletorDJD27
2018 Multi-Pack Exclusive Grey White, Orange & Gold deco, "6" Orange/ Plastic Yellow White Yellow spokes TRAP5 Chevroletor TM GM Malaysia Base code(s): K41 HW CHEVROLETOR TM GM 2018 MULTIPACK GREY
2018 Mystery Models 2 Pearl White Red tampo,"8" "Galactic Racing" and Hot Wheels Logo Red, plastic Light blue tint Black Red with white-rimmed spokes TRAP5 FKW38 Malaysia Base Code(s): L01 Chevroletor Mystery Car Ser.2, 2018


From the back of the 2010-card:

Born: 2007

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Designer: General Motors

Specialty: With roof-mounted torpedoes, side fender loops, and a 1500-hp V16 engine, this car was made to look like a gladiator ready for battle.


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