In 2016 Hot Wheels released a "2-Pack" that pays hommage to the Japanese Dekotora custom trucks. The model has exaggerated features such as exhaust pipes and horns. The casting consists of two different parts; the truck and the trailer. The trailer is a box type trailer, which features an opening rear hatch. The truck part is styled according to the Japanese extravagant Dekotora style. The trailer can be detached from the truck.

Galactic Express set

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo
DKF81 Galactic Express Unpainted, Purple & Chrome Chrome Blue D6DOT Base code(s): 0397 EAA


Galactic Express package front
DKF81 Mad Manga Metalflake Purple 5SP Base code(s): L29 2016PurpleMadmanga
Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo
DKF84 Galactic Express Black Yellow D6DOT Base code(s): Galactic Express package front 2
DKF84 Mad Manga Black Gold 5SP Base code(s): MadMangaCFL82
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