2016 HW Games mainline segment series

HW Games

Compete to win with cars inspired from the world of sports.

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1 Maximum Leeway Red White, Green & Black tampos, HW Games 2016 on sides & boxer deco on hood and sides Unpainted / Metal Green & Chrome Green PR5 DHT19 Malaysia Base code(s): J21, J22 MaximumLeewayDHT19
2 Blade Raider White Red & Black stripes on sides & top, Black stick figure on sides & top Black / Plastic Tinted (Red) Black Chrome Red BLOR DHN94 Malaysia Base code(s): J20

New Model

Blade Raider
3 Velocita Black Yellow, Green, Gold & White graphics on the sides & hood Yellow / Plastic Tinted (Green) Chrome Chrome Green PR5 DHT21 Malaysia Base code(s): J23 VelocitaDHT21Loose
4 RRRoadster Dark Yellow Red, Gold & Black Games Graphics on the sides & hood Black
Red Black Chrome Red & Black MC5 DHT22 Malaysia Base code(s): J21 RRRoadsterDHT22
5 Quick n' Sik Metaflake Blue Red and White stripes w/ white circle and line details; HW Games 2016 Logo on sides and hood Dark Red / Plastic Red Chrome White & Black PR5 DHT23 Malaysia Base code(s): J22, J25 Quick N' Sick Cleaned Up
6 MR11 Sky Blue White fenders, white stripes, blue stripe patterns, soccer ball deco on fenders Black / Plastic Tinted (Smoke) White Black & white 5SP DHT24 Malaysia Base code(s): J19 MR11Games
7 Scoopa Di Fuego Red Black & Yellow Stripes Hot Wheels 2016 Tampo Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Yellow Yellow Rim PR5 DHT25 Malaysia Base code(s): J24 Dht25a
8 Nitro Doorslammer Metalflake Dark Blue Red & White stripes on sides & top, HW Games logo & swimmer on sides White / Plastic Clear Chrome Chrome Red TRAP5 DHT26 Malaysia Base code(s): J25, J27 NitroDoorslammerDHT26
8 Nitro Doorslammer Spectraflame Dark Blue Red & White stripes on sides & top, HW Games logo, swimmer & TH logo on sides White / Plastic Clear Chrome Chrome Red RR5SP DHT89 Malaysia Base code(s):

Super Treasure Hunt

Image Not Available
9 Amazoom Lime Green Black and yellow tampos, "HW Games 2016" on front and sides Yellow
Blue (Tinted) Black PR5 DHT27 Malaysia Base code(s): J24, J25, J29 Amazoom2016
10 Tour de Fast Red Yellow & White stripes & HW Games logo on sides & hood, cyclist on sides & hood Yellow / Plastic Clear Black Yellow TRAP5 DHP35 Malaysia Base code(s): J23, J25

New Model

Tour de Fast - 16NM HW Games 600pxOTD

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