2010 Gift Cars (Happy Birthday)

Exclusive to Wal-Mart, the 2010 Birthday cars included the following 5 castings.

2010 Bday card

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Toy # Notes Photo
'40 Ford Truck White / Red Chrome / Plastic Clear Grey 5SP Malaysia R7937 40sFordTruck bday
'65 Pontiac GTO Electric Blue Chrome / Plastic Orange tint White Orange Chrome 5SP Malaysia R7935 65PontiacGTO bday
'68 Chevy Nova Orange Chrome / Plastic Tinted Black Yellow rim, Black OH5 Malaysia R7936 68Nova Bday Orange
'69 Chevy Camaro Convertible Metallic Green Black / Plastic Clear Black PR5 Malaysia R7939 69CamaroConv bday
Nissan Titan Pearl White Black / Plastic Blue tint Chrome Blue Chrome rim, Black OH5 Malaysia R7938 NissanTitan bday

2009 Gift Cars (Happy Birthday)

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Toy # Notes Photo
Zender Fact 4 Orange Orange, Black & White Stripes, "9", Black Plastic Black Red OH5 N8546 Malaysia Image Not Available
Hummer H2 Lime Green Blue, White & Black Stripes on side Black / Metal Tinted (Gray) Black OR5SP N8551 Malaysia Image Not Available
MS-T Suzuka Black Orange & White Flames, "68", Hot Wheel Logo Black Plastic Orange White Orange PR5 N8552 Malaysia R09
'58 Corvette Coupe Red & White Black, White and Gray stripes 58 Clear Gold 5SP Image Not Available
Open Road-ster Image Not Available
Twin Mill III Image Not Available

2008 Happy Birthday Cars

Toy # Model Name Year Series Photo
'69 El Camino 2008 Happy Birthday Cars 2008GiftCarsElcamino
Blings Hummer H2 2008 Happy Birthday Cars BlingsHummerH22008
Cadillac Escalade 2008 Happy Birthday Cars 2008 Happy Birthhday Tooned Cadillac
RD-02 2008 Happy Birthday Cars Rd02-blue-oh5a
Reverb 2008 Happy Birthday Cars Reverb-red-oh5
Toyota MR-2 Rally 2008 Happy Birthday Cars Toyota MR2 Rally (2008 Happy Birthday)
Jaguar XK8 2008 Happy Birthday Cars Image Not Available
Overbored 454 2008 Happy Birthday Cars Image Not Available
N1163 Deora II 2008 Happy Birthday Cars Deora II - 08 Birthday
N1164 Toyota Celica 2008 Happy Birthday Cars Toyotacelica
N1165 '40 Ford 2008 Happy Birthday Cars Image Not Available
N1166 Altered State 2008 Happy Birthday Cars AlteredState Bday

2007 Gift Cars

2007 Gift Card Lotusm2502007giftcarded

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Toy # Notes Photo
GT Racer Pearl Yellow Black stripes & flames Unpainted Black 6SPBLING Thailand Image Not Available
Corvette C6R Metallic Midnight Blue Metallic Brown, Metallic Silver + White Racing Style Designs. "HB2U" As Theme, Hot Wheels, Corvette Badges Black / Plastic Smoked Black RR6SP M3062 Thailand Corvettec6r
Pocket Bikester Light Blue Silver Tampos ZAMAC Clear Chrome Mag Real Riders Thailand Pocketbikester.07
Super Tuned Red Black, White & Silver Flaming on side Black plastic Tint Black RR5SP Thailand Supertuned
Honda Civic Si Metalflake Dark Orange Black Hot Wheels Flame on side, '07' Chrome / Plastic Tinted (Black) White Chrome Black 6SPBLING M3065 Thailand Wal-Mart exclusive 40076902 1868371080138340 7488761447535607808 n
Power Sander Dark Blue Orange, white, and blue tampos on top Unpainted RR5SP M3066 Thailand 2007 Power Sander
1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Metallic Red Yellow, White and Red Flaming bow Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint N/A RR5SP M3067 Thailand Tooned69PontiacGTO Gift
Med-Evil Flat Black / Chrome Red & white tampos, "330", "30" Unpainted / Metal Red Red RRMAG M3068 Thailand MedEvilM3068
40 Somethin' Metalflake Dark Orange Red, silver & black tampos on top, "5" Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) darkened chrome RR5SP M3069 Thailand HW 40-Somethin' Orange RR 01 DSCF7122
'65 Corvette Metallic Silver Red Sides With Black "65" in Silver Gum Ball on Doors and Hood, Black, Silver and Red Stripe Designs on Hood and Sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Gray Red Real Riders / White Letter Rubber Tires M3070 Thailand 65 Vette AGENTAIR 8
Lotus M250 Black Yellow and Orange flames Chrome Yellow Tint Yellow RR6SP M3071 Thailand Lotusm2502007giftcar
Rockster Metalflake Olive Green White, Silver and Black tribal Flames on Sides with "BDAY2007" on license plate Black Clear Chrome Chrome RR5SP M3072 Thailand RocksterBdRF

2004 B-day Gift 5-Pack

1 2 3 4 5
Moto Crossed (800x600)
Image Not Available
Super Comp Dragster
Viper RT10 - 04 B-day 5-Pack ASW
Dodge Viper RT/10
Greased Lightnin'

2003 B-day Gift 5-Pack

1 2 3 4 5
Classic cobra blue birthday 5-pack 2003
Shelby Cobra
Morris Wagon slv
Morris Wagon
IROC Firebird
Jaguar XK8 CIMG1889
Jaguar XK8
'99 Mustang CIMG1293
'99 Mustang

2002 Happy Birthday 5-Packs

There were 2 different releases in the same year.

1 2 3 4 5
Hw shadow mkiia 2002
Shadow Mk IIa
Hw baby boomer 2002
Baby Boomer
MX48 Turbo
Hw mustangcobra 2002
Mustang Cobra
Image Not Available
Shadow Mk IIa
Limozeen red birthday cake 5-pack car 2002
Image Not Available
Baby Boomer
MX48 Turbo yellow B-Day 5-pack version2
MX48 Turbo
Mustang Cobra purple metallic 2002 mainline
Mustang Cobra

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