Goodyear Blimp
Debut Series 1991 Hot Wheels
Produced 1991-1997
Designer  ?
Number 2270
Goodyear Blimp - 01881ef


First released into the 1991 regular line-up, as Goodyear Blimp. This advertising promotion became an instant success - with the ability to add slogans or anything a customer might want it to say.

As shown in the picture above, the tail can be rotated by hand to reveal two different messages on the side of the blimp. For example, the Top Speed GT blimp is just shown with the logo (that cannot be rotated). When removed from packaging, the tail rotated by hand and the side reads "HI MOM", but when the tail is rotated again it shows the current Hot Wheels logo.

Although Goodyear separates their name with a foot logo between the two parts of the word, Hot Wheels spelled it out as one word. (Which is correct.)


The Goodyear Blimp has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Blimp Color Tampo Gondola Color Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
194 1991 Hot Wheels Gray Fixed side - Blue and Yellow "Good Year;" Spin side - Red and Yellow HW logo and Black "Goodyear #1 in tires" White 2270 Malaysia Blimp goodyear white
194 1992 Hot Wheels Mainline Gray Fixed side - Blue and Yellow "Good Year;" Spin side - Red and Yellow HW logo; and Black "Goodyear #1 in tires" Silver Painted / Metal 2270 Malaysia Goodyear Blimp - 01881ef
N/A 1992 Good Year Promo Gray "The Best Tires in The World" White 5518 Malaysia Avalible At Goodyear stores Blimp.5518.a
N/A 1994 Blimp Support Team Gray Silver 2270 Malaysia 5-Pack Blimp GY
N/A 1997 City Action Gray Silver 2270 Malaysia 5-Pack Blimp GY

Similar Casting and Names

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Blimp fuji

Fuji Blimp (1994)

1997 Hot Wheels


Blimp (1997)


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