The Graffiti Rides 5-Pack (T8640) consists of urban cars with graffiti painted on the side. Many of them sport 'H' and 'W' somewhere. All of them have men in a cartoon style.

The box listed Fandango on the back, but it is actually Audacious that is hidden by the graphics at the bottom of the pack.

100 0353

Casting Name Body Color


Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Rocket Box Pearl Yellow Green, White and Black tampos Green Tint N/A Green PR5 Thailand RocketBoxGraffiti
Muscle Tone Blue Magenta, White and Light Blue tampos Blue Tint Black Blue PR5 Thailand MuscleToneGraffiti

Power Rage

Red White, Black and Grey tampos Grey Tint Chrome OH5 Thailand PowerRageGraffiti
Ford F-150 Blue White and Red tampos Red Tint Chrome OR6SP w/Red Rims Thailand FordF150Graffiti


Neon Green White, Yellow and Dark Green tampos Yellow Tint Black Yellow PR5 Thailand AudaciousGraffiti
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