Debut Series Designers Challenge
Produced 2008 - Present
Designer Jun Imai
Number M3315
HW40 Jun Imai

To celebrate Hot Wheels 40th anniversary, Mattel did something it's never done before. They asked outside designers from the automotive industry to come up with designs to be be celebrated as part of it's 40th anniverasy. The Designers Challenge cars debuted at SEMA in 2007 as 1/4 scale models. One of designs included the line-up is the HW40. this was the only design for the Hot Wheels Team that made the final group. Next to that, it was featured in Hot Wheels: Track Attack. The casting was changed in 2014, the place of the front rivet post is moved to the body part from the windscreen piece.


The HW40 has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
- 2008 Designers Challenge Metalflake Green No tampos Black / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Chrome Red & Grey CM6 M3315 Thailand IMGP6527
- 2008 Designers Challenge Dark Blue No tampos Black Clear Black Red & Grey CM6 M3315 Thailand HW40BlueM3315
- 2008 Designers Challenge Red No tampos Black Clear Chrome Black & Grey CM6 M3315 Thailand HW40RedM3315
- 2008 Designers Challenge Black No tampos Black Clear Chrome Red & Grey CM6 M3315 Thailand HW40BlackM3315
- 2008 Easter 8-Pack Dark Blue No tampos Red / Plastic Clear Black Black OH5 w/ Red Chrome rims P2042 Thailand Base code(s): A44 HW40-P2042
098 / 190 2009 HW Designs
Pearl White Grey, Black & Red tampos on sides, hood & rear Red / Plastic Tinted Chrome Gold PR5 P2418 Malaysia Bases code(s): C25 Hw40
233 2011 HW Video Game Heroes
Black White, Orange, & Silver stripes, '40' on sides Orange / Plastic Blue Chrome Chrome Red & Black OH5SP T9776 Malaysia Also in B2353 Haul and Race Rig

Base code(s): D11

HW40 Game
22 / 24 2011 Mystery Models Metalflake Dark Orange Black, Yellow & Silver stripes, HW logo & '40' across top Yellow / Plastic Clear Chrome White & Black OH5SP X3366 Malaysia Base code(s): D30 HW40-X3366
- 2012 Mardi Gras Metalflake Green Blue, Gold, Purple & Beige tampos on sides & across top, 'Mardi Gras 2012' on sides Black / Plastic Yellow Chrome Chrome Purple PR5 X5948 Thailand Base code(s): Mardi Gras HW40
2012 Team Hot Wheels High-Speed Wheel Flat Black Team Red-theme, red,yellow,white tampos all over Red / Plastic Clear Red Chrome Red HSW Thailand Base Code(s): F06 Untitled-0
- 2013 HW Test Facility Matte Black Grey flames, White '99' & 'HWTF', Red 'Classified' on sides Clear / Yellow Yellow Chrome Clear Yellow OH5SP X9854 Thailand Base code(s): F40 HW40 Test Facility 5 PACK 2013 IMG 4288
157 / 250 2014 HW Race Thrill Racers
Metalflake Midnight Blue Green stripes on sides, Green & Blue stripes across top Clear Blue / Plastic Tinted Light Green Black & Light Green PR5 BFD30 Malaysia Base code(s): G29 HW40 2014
5pk 2016 Captain America: Civil War Metalflake Red Black stripe, Yellow 'Iron Man' on sides, Iron Man logo on roof Plastic / Goldenrod Yellow Chrome Gold Chrome OH5 DRB89 Thailand Released with original tool.Base code(s): J04 HW40-DRB89
5pk 2018 HW 50th Track Stars Metalflake Green Black tint / Plastic Black tint Gold PR5 FKT53 Indonesia Base Code(s): HW40 50th Track Stars 5 pack

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