HW50 Concept
Debut Series HW 50th Race Team
Produced 2018 - Present
Designer Jun Imai and Mark Jones
Number FJW02


A successor of sorts to the HW40, the HW50 is a casting produced specifically for Hot Wheels' 50th anniversary. It is designed as a drag racer with a big block V10 engine and sidepipes.


HW50 Concept has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
361/365 2018 HW 50th Race Team
Blue Hot Wheels logo, 50th Anniversary emblem, #16 on both sides, & Orange Striped on top Orange
Black 50L FJW02 Malaysia Base code(s): L23, L26, L27, L28 HW50.jpg
2018 Hot Wheels Legends 50th Anniversary Tour Exclusive Unpainted None Gray
Clear Blue RA6 N/A Malaysia Given to winners & judges of the Legends Tour Only 75 Produced
Base code(s):
Image Not Available.jpg
131/250 2019 Speed Blur
Matte Black HW Logo 'Fifty' & X on front, 'HOTWHEELS' & circle 50 on top. 'HOT' on sides with white pin striping top & sides. Red
Clear Grey Black rim, Grey 5SP FYD34 Malaysia Base code(s): L48 HW50 Concept. Speed Blur 2019. 1.jpg
131/250 2019 Red Edition
Red 'HOTWHEELS' & circle 50 on top. 'HOT' on sides with white pin striping top & sides. Black
Clear Chrome White AeroDisc FYG70 Malaysia Base code(s): M12 FYG70 - HW50 Concept-1.jpg
2019 Hot Wheels id: Moving Forward
Spectraflame Blue White flame outlines on the sides & roof, HWID logo on front & sides Transparent Blue
Tinted (Smoke) Chrome Chrome ID FXB45 Malaysia Base Code(s): M22 FXB45.jpg
2021 Track Builder Unlimited 5-Pack Purple & Metalflake Blue Yellow, Orange & White worn stripes, "HW50", HW logo. Chrome
Tinted (Blue) Black Orange tire PR5 with chrome blue rims. GTN36 Indonesia Base Code(s): 2021 Track Builder Unlimited 5-Pack HW50.jpg

2018 card

From the back of the 2018 card:

Born: 2018 El Segundo
Designer: Hot Wheels®

HW50 Concept:

Awesome cars start with epic ideas! Built to launch the next 50 years of amazing Hot Wheels cars, HW50 Concept is the 1:64 scale research and development vehicle used to create the mind-blowing full-size HW50 ultra-modern hot rod!


You can almost smell the rubber burning when HW50 spins its giant rear slicks and peels out at the dragstrip! This ultra–modern take on a vintage hot rod uses a study cross brace to shield the big–bore V10 engine. There’s even hatch in the roof so the driver can climb in and out of the cockpit!


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