Compete to win with cars inspired from the world of sports.

Toy # Col. # Casting Mini
Set # Photo
DHT19 231/250 Maximum Leeway HW Games 1/10 MaximumLeewayDHT19.jpg
DHN94 232/250 Blade Raider HW Games
New for 2016!
2/10 Blade Raider.JPG
DHT21 233/250 Velocita HW Games 3/10 VelocitaDHT21Loose.jpg
DHT22 234/250 RRRoadster HW Games 4/10 RRRoadsterDHT22.jpg
DHT23 235/250 Quick N' Sik HW Games 5/10 Quick N' Sick Cleaned Up.jpg
DHT24 236/250 MR11 HW Games 6/10 MR11Games.jpg
DHT25 237/250 Scoopa Di Fuego HW Games 7/10 ScoopaDiFuegoDHT25.jpg
DHT26 238/250 Nitro Doorslammer HW Games 8/10 NitroDoorslammerDHT26.jpg
DHT89 238/250 Nitro Doorslammer HW Games
Super Treasure Hunt
8/10 Image Not Available.jpg
DHT27 239/250 Amazoom HW Games 9/10 Amazoom2016.jpg
DHP35 240/250 Tour de Fast HW Games
New for 2016!
10/10 Tour de Fast - 16NM HW Games 600pxOTD.jpg
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