Cars inspired by your favorite movies, TV shows, videogames, and more.

Toy # Col. # Casting Mini
Set # Photo
DHR29 221/250 Back to the Future Time Machine - Hover Mode HW Screen Time 1/5 HW-2016-221-Back To The Future Time Machine Hover Mode-ScreenTime
DHT12 222/250 Snoopy HW Screen Time 2/5 IMG 20160422 152022
DHT13 223/250 Grease Rod HW Screen Time
Treasure Hunt
3/5 GreaseRodDHT13Loose
DHT14 224/250 Cool-One HW Screen Time 4/5 Cool-One - 16 HW Screen Time 600pxDM
DHP33 225/250 The Beatles Yellow Submarine HW Screen Time
New for 2016!
5/5 The Beatles Yellow Submarine-2016 225
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