The following castings were released with a Happy New Year theme:

Year Casting Name Series Body Color Tampos Base Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type / Blade Color Country Notes Photo
2010 Volkswagen Drag Truck Dk. Blue Yellow, Orange, & White tampo flames on side. New Years Day 2011 on side. Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Unpainted Metal Gold 5SP Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive 2011 new years drag truck
2012 Carbonator Cars of the Decades Clear Red Yellow, Orange & Red flames on sides, stripes & 'Happy New Year 2012' across top Pearl White / Metal Chrome Gold Black & Gold PR5 Malaysia Image Not Available
2013 Carbonator Cars of the Decades Clear Blue Yellow & Gold flames & HW logo on sides, flames, Black stripes, & 'Happy New Year 2013' across top Pearl Gold / Metal Chrome Pearl White & Gold OH5 Malaysia Image Not Available
2014 Carbonator Jukebox Clear Brown White, Gold & Black tampos, HW logo on sides, 'Happy New Year 2014' across top Anodized Cranberry Red / Metal Chrome Gold Clear Yellow & Chrome OH5 Malaysia Image Not Available
2015 Carbonator HW Road Trippin' Red Black, White & Gold deco, HW logo & snowflakes on sides, 'Happy New Year 2016', snowflakes & stripes across top Metalflake Copper / Metal Red Pearl White OH5 w/ Gold Chrome rims Malaysia Base code(s): CarbonatorDFL55
2016 Carbonator Holiday Hot Rods Transparent Green Snowflakes, "Happy New Year 2017" and HW logo on top Dark Red / Metal Gold Red-Chrome OH5 w/ White Tires Malaysia Base Code(s): J29 Carbonator - 16 Holiday Hot Rods 600pxOTD
2017 Carbonator Holiday Racers #5/5 Transparent Blue "2017 Happy New Year" and HW logo on sides Dark Red / Metal White Gold-Chrome OH5 w/ White Tires Malaysia Base Code(s): J40, J42 Carbonator - 17 Holiday Racers 600pxOTD
2017 Carbonator Holiday Hot Rods "2018 Happy New Year" and HW logo on sides Dark Gold /Metal Chrome Thailand 2018 Happy New Year
2018 Monster Dairy Delivery Holiday Racers  3/6 Metal Flake Green Happy New Year 2018,
Large HW Logo, Gold and Yellow Fireworks on sides.
Black / Plastic Tinted Yellow Yellow Gold Rimmed
Malaysia Base code(s): K41 MNSTRDLVRYFJW20
2018 Carbonator Holiday Hot Rods 6/6 Clear Green Red,Whie and Gold striping sides and Snowman and 2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR on top. Golden Rod / Metal Red Red White / Chrome Green OH5 Thailand FKV13 CARBONATOR FKV13
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