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Harry Bentley Bradley is often considered the father of Hot Wheels designs; as Hot Wheels's very first designer, he created the original "Sweet 16" cars of 1968, along with co-credit on the Custom Volkswagen where he teamed up with Ira Gilford. Bradley worked for Mattel from 1966 to 1969.

Prior to working for Hot Wheels, Bradley worked for General Motors; his ties were GM were pivotal to the creation of some of the earliest Hot Wheels models, particularly the Custom Corvette. Lore has it that Bradley drove to Detroit in 1967 and snuck into GM's offices; he then took the blueprints for the upcoming 1968 Corvette and hid them in his walking cane (he suffered from polio), then drove back to California where he designed the model off those blueprints. In the end, the Hot Wheels version of the Corvette came out before the actual Corvette hit dealerships, much to GM's consternation.

He left Mattel after the 1968 cars were released as he thought that Hot Wheels cars would be just another average or fad toy brand. This held true for a time as Hot Wheels as a brand was not making any money with Mattel many a time considering killing off the brand, although in retrospect, he should have stayed and continued designing as they began turning a profit quickly during the mid '70s. Bradley then went on to become a lecturer at the Art Central College of Design, the institute from which many future Hot Wheels designers would graduate.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
1968 Beatnik Bandit Sweet Sixteen 6217 Beatnikbandit.jpg
1968 Custom Barracuda Sweet Sixteen 6211 Custom Barracuda USA blue 1968 white Int.jpg
1968 Custom Camaro Sweet Sixteen 6208 Customcamaro.jpg
1968 Custom Cougar Sweet Sixteen 6205 Customcougargreen.jpg
1968 Custom Corvette Sweet Sixteen 6215 Customcorvette.jpg
1968 Custom Eldorado Sweet Sixteen 6218 Customeldoradogold.jpg
1968 Custom Firebird Sweet Sixteen 6212 1968 Custom firechicken Red on Red Hong Kong.jpg
1968 Custom Fleetside Sweet Sixteen 6213 Customfleetside.jpg
1968 Custom Mustang Sweet Sixteen 6206 Cmustng olive.jpg
1968 Custom T-Bird Sweet Sixteen 6207 Customtbirdred.jpg
1968 Custom Volkswagen Sweet Sixteen 6220 Customvolkswagen.jpg
1968 Deora Sweet Sixteen 6210 Deora.jpg
1968 Ford J-Car Sweet Sixteen 6214 Fordjcarblue.jpg
1968 Hot Heap Sweet Sixteen 6219 Hotheap.jpg
1968 Python Sweet Sixteen 6216 Python.jpg
1968 Silhouette Sweet Sixteen 6209 Silhouette.jpg
1993 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile 1993 Hot Wheels 3029 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile BBW.JPG


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