The individual lists by year lists format is as follows:


Replace YEAR with the actual year, and if there are any additional details about the year's releases, you can place them after the head sentence:

This article is a '''list of [[Hot Wheels]]''' released in '''YEAR.'''


Note that the following format may change in the future. For more details, go to the community portal.


Place this at the beginning of the list. It will create the top column of the list.

{| class="wikitable" background="#C0C0C0" style="border:1px solid #C0C0C0;" border="1" cellspacing="1"
| bgcolor="#C0C0C0"| '''Image'''
| bgcolor="#C0C0C0"| '''Col. #'''
| bgcolor="#C0C0C0"| '''Model Name'''
| bgcolor="#C0C0C0"| '''Series'''
| bgcolor="#C0C0C0"| '''Series #'''
| bgcolor="#C0C0C0"| '''Wheel type'''


Each vehicle is listed after the beginning part. Follow the instructions below.

|<!--Place image here, if any-->
|<!--Collector numebr goes here-->
|<!--Name of the model goes here. Please name it according to what the package says.
|bgcolor="<!--Background color-->"|<!--Type of series-->
|<!-- Use ##/## to indicated the series number / total number -->
|<!--Wheel type code goes here-->

New version, replace each field with the correct information. Colored tempaltes will be added later.

{{ListDefault|Col. #|CARNAME|Series|#/#}}


To end the table, use the following:



The bottom of the article should look like this:



[[Category:Hot Wheels by Year]]
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