Heroes on Hot Wheels starring Michael Valiant were sold in 1990.

They are a set of twelve VHS video tapes packaged with an exclusive Hot Wheels car that wasn't sold separately.

Each video tape features two Hot Wheels cartoons and are approximately 45 minutes long.

Car Name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Photo
Shadow Jet Pink Black "Inter Cooled" and Red "F-3" on top Unpainted Metal Black Tint Pink BW Shadow Jet Pnk
'80s Firebird White Blue, Red "V" Black / Plastic Clear Red BW 80s Firebird Video
GT Racer Met. Silver Yellow, White, Purple "5" Unpainted metal Black tint Black BW GT Racer Silv
Pontiac Banshee Blue Blue & Yellow squiggles unpainted / Metal Black unseen UH Pontiac Banshee Blue
Zender Fact 4 Metallic Purple Green, Yellow "36" Black Plastic Clear Grey UH Zender Fact 4 Prp
Turbo Streak White Black, Red "V" "1" Unpainted / Metal N/A Unpainted / Metal BW Turbo Streak WhtVid
T-Bucket Bright Yellow-Green Red & Purple flames Unpainted / Metal Clear Pink BW T-Bucket BrtGrn
Baja Bug Metallic Red Red & Yellow flames, Blue "BLAZIN' BUG" Unpainted / Metal N/A Red BW 1990 Baja Bug
Sol-Aire CX-4 Red Orange, Yellow, Black "GTS" "13" Unpainted / Metal Yellow unseen UH Sol Aire redVid
Porsche 911 Black White, Yellow, Red, "95" unpainted metal Black tint Black BW P-911 Blk 95BW
Wind Splitter Yellow Purple, Blue and Orange on top Unpainted / Metal Black unseen UH BMW M1 Yel
Speed Shark White no tampo Blue Plastic Chrome Red BW Speed Shark Wht
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