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Heroes On Hotwheels Intro

Heroes on Hot Wheels Intro (America Version)


Michel Vaillant anime fro 80s Intro main theme

Michel Vaillant Cartoon Intro (French Version)

Heroes on Hot Wheels starring Michel Vaillant were sold in 1991 - 1992.

They are a set of twelve VHS video tapes packaged with an exclusive Hot Wheels car that wasn't sold separately.

Each video tape features two Hot Wheels cartoons and are approximately 45 minutes long. The cartoons were produced by Jetlag Productions. Originally the cartoons where made in France for the Michel Vaillant Cartoon series in 1990 with 65 episodes. In 1991, the cartoons where sent to the West where they were re dubbed for an English audience and repackaged with the Hot Wheels Licensing.

In total there is 6 VHS tapes and 6 "Volume #" tapes which are duplicates of the original 6 VHS tapes. There is also one Mail-in VHS with only 1 episode (unlike the other with 2 episodes) that possibly came in with the Street Roader included.

One additional casting, the Street Roader, was originally planned for use in this series of boxed sets; it was however too big to fit into the package. It was later sold in baggies only.


Car Name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type NOTES Photo
Shadow Jet Pink Black "Inter Cooled" and Red "F-3" on top Unpainted Metal Black Tint Pink BW Shadow Jet Pnk.JPG
'80s Firebird White Blue, Red "V" Black / Plastic Clear Red BW 80s Firebird Video.JPG
GT Racer Met. Silver Yellow, White, Purple "5" Unpainted metal Black tint Black BW GT Racer Silv.JPG
Pontiac Banshee Blue Blue & Yellow squiggles unpainted / Metal Black unseen UH Pontiac Banshee Blue.jpg
Zender Fact 4 Metallic Purple Green, Yellow "36" Black Plastic Clear Grey UH Zender Fact 4 Prp.JPG
Turbo Streak White Black, Red "V" "1" Unpainted / Metal N/A Unpainted / Metal BW Turbo Streak WhtVid.JPG
T-Bucket Bright Yellow-Green Red & Purple flames Unpainted / Metal Clear Pink BW T-Bucket BrtGrn.JPG
Baja Bug Metallic Red Red & Yellow flames, Blue "BLAZIN' BUG" Unpainted / Metal N/A Red BW 1990 Baja Bug.jpg
Sol-Aire CX-4 Red Orange, Yellow, Black "GTS" "13" Unpainted / Metal Yellow unseen UH Sol Aire redVid.JPG
Porsche 911 Black White, Yellow, Red, "95" unpainted metal Black tint Black BW P-911 Blk 95BW.JPG
Wind Splitter Yellow Purple, Blue and Orange on top Unpainted / Metal Black unseen UH BMW M1 Yel.JPG
Speed Shark White no tampo Blue Plastic Chrome Red BW Speed Shark Wht.JPG
Flashfire Hot pink Green, Purple, Yellow "TURBO" Pink Plastic Yellow Tint Blue UH Flashfire PnkBlu.JPG
Buick Stocker Yellow Red "3" on sides & top Black Plastic Black Tint Black BW Buick Stocker Yel3.JPG
Street Roader Neon green Magenta, white and purple "pulse" design Unpainted Metal Clear Hot pink CT MIGHT NEED TO BE CORRECTED!?

A VHS with only one Cartoon "The Speed Record" is packaged differently. Unlike the other VHS, the back of this VHS has no content other than a mailing address to the Technicolor Video Cassette. Is it possible that within a promotion, as part of a mail-in deal, you got this VHS and the Street Roader in a baggie?

Image Not Available.jpg

VHS tapes

It is unknown definetivly if each VHS tape had 2-3 cars assigned to it, or randomly added. Likewise it is not exact which VHS each car can be found in.

Below are the 6 VHS (and their "Volumes" versions) that are apart of the Heroes on Hot Wheels:

Volume # VHS Picture VHS "Volume" Picture VHS Movie 1 VHS Movie 2
1 Image Not Available.jpg Image Not Available.jpg Valiant vs Valiant
Highway Pirate
2 Heros VHS Sol aire.JPG Image Not Available.jpg Stunts
Terror In Tahoe
3 Image Not Available.jpg Image Not Available.jpg Driver Of Steel
Red Handed
4 Image Not Available.jpg Image Not Available.jpg Lakeside Rally
The Spy
5 Image Not Available.jpg Image Not Available.jpg The Venice Carnival
Panic On The Pan-America
6 Heroes on HW Race to Future & The Rally.JPG Heroes on Hot Wheels Vol 6.jpg Race To The Future
The Rally
Mail- In Heros on HW The Speed Record.jpg N/A The Speed Record