High Voltage
Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Jun Imai
High Voltage Jun Imai


High Voltage has fully adjustable coil over suspension and an aluminum chassis and carbon ceramic 6 piston brakes. The powerhouse is a 382HP compact single turbo rotary engine protected by a carbon fiber body. In Acceleracers, Nolo drove the car in Speed of Silence to test the abilities of both High Voltage and the Swamp Realm Accelercharger. Unfortunately High Voltage was totaled by the over usage of the Accelercharger to the point that the wheels fell off while Nolo was driving it, leaving him with Synkro for the Metro Realm.


The High Voltage has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior/Vents Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2005 AcceleRacers Teku 7/9 Black Orange Teku Tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue Chrome CM6 / Blue Tire G8089 Malaysia Base code(s): Teku High Voltage
  2005 AcceleRacers Duracell Promo Black Orange Teku Tampos, White "Duracell" on Roof Unpainted / Metal Blue Chrome Chrome 5SP   Malaysia Base code(s): Hihgvoltage
2006 AcceleRacers Team Colors Orange Blue & Black Teku Tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome CM6 / Blue Tire K3287 Malaysia Base code(s): Image Not Available
2008 Color Shifters White / Purple '9' on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome OH5 N4423 Thailand Tooling Change: Roof is now part of the Window
Base code(s): C27
High Voltage-2008 Color Shifters
  2009 Color Shifters Dark Blue - When Cold / White - When Warm Dark Blue and White tampos with "9" on sides and hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome OH5   Thailand Base code(s): High Voltage color shifter
5pk 2009 Trick Tracks Light Blue Black, Purple tampos, Pteranodon, Asian Symbol Unpainted / Metal Clear Yellow OH5   Thailand Base code(s): Highvoltage
2009 Color Shifters Tanker Trouble Playset Orange - When Cold / White - When Warm #2, Stripes, HVA, Circle Flame logo OH5 P5205 Base code(s): High Voltage Color Shifter Hot WhiteHigh Voltage Color Shifter Cold Orange
- 2011 Color Shifters Orange (cold), Fluorescent Yellow (hot) Dark Blue, White & Yellow tampos Unpainted / Metal Smoke tint Chrome OH5 V0599 Thailand Also included in "Bubble-Matic Car Wash"
Base code(s):
11CSHighVoltageCold 11CSHighVoltageHot
- Red White, silver & black Unpainted / Metal Smoke tint Chrome OH5 Thailand Available in car wash set
Base code(s): D10
Image Not Available
144 / 250 2013 HW Racing Super Chromes
Chrome Blue, black and 04 Black / Metal Blue tint Black PR5 X1773 Malaysia Base code(s): F13 High Voltage-2013 144
5pk 2014 Track Builder Red Blue & White 'HWST 33 Hot Wheels Stunt Team' on sides Black / Plastic Blue Chrome PR5 BFB27 Thailand Base code(s): G12 HighVoltageBFB27
2014 Marvel Avengers Assemble – Hulk Smash Spin-Out playset Green Base code(s): Green
156 / 250 2015 HW Race Super Chromes
Chrome Lightning tampos in blue and light green Unpainted / Metal Cyan Black TRAP5 CFK97 Malaysia Base code(s): H11 HighVoltage2015
4 / 12 2017 Mystery Models Seafoam Green White honeycomb design & HW Logo, Black '04' with Red outline on sides Unpainted / Metal Solid Black Grey Black PR5 w/ Red Chrome rims Y8127 Malaysia Base code(s): J40 Image Not Available
2017 Multipacks and Gas Station playset Blue Yellow, Orange and Red flames Black / Plastic Blue TRAP5 Malaysia Base code(s): K24 High Voltage Gas station blue
5pk 2018 HW Glow Wheels Green "GLOW" on left side, G13 on right side Black/Metal Yellow Tint Chrome Glow-in-the-dark Green Chrome PR5 FKT66 Indonesia Base Code(s):

L31, L33



  • In Acceleracers, it is the first car to be used with the Swamp Realm Accelecharger
  • It also is one of the few, if not only car to have a screen time less than 20 minutes
  • The toy version of this car is in a black color scheme, whereas in AcceleRacers, is seen in a blue color scheme.


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