2006 Highway Horror mainline segment series

2010 Race World Highway mainline segment series

Category:Race World Highway Series

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1 OCC Splitback Dark Purple Red, Orange & Olive flames Unpainted Base Orange-Rim, Black MC3 R7622 Occ splitback 2010 purple
1 OCC Splitback Red Yellow & Magenta flames Unpainted Base Gold-Rim, Black MC3 R7622 2010-193b
2 Bad Bagger Gold body, rear fender. Bare metal front forks, front fender. Black & Maroon accent stripes. "Kustom Kulture" in black on sides. Unpainted Metal Chrome MC3 R7623 Malaysia Unpainted Gold seat 2010 gold bad bagger 1
3 Pit Cruiser Metallic Silver Black reverse flames with Orange and Red highlights Unpainted / Metal Orange Chrome Rim, MC3 R7624 Malaysia Base code(s): C05 P1070347b 1000
4 Airy 8 Metallic Black Red and Silver design Chrome / Plastic Red Chrome rim, MC5 R7625 Malaysia Base code(s): C05, C15 Airy8 Highway black

2011 Thrill Racers Highway mainline segment series

Category:Thrill Racers Highway Series

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1 Nissan Silvia (S15) Yellow Black & Silver tampos w/ Sponsors Black / Plastic Tinted Chrome 10SP T9894 Malaysia Base Code(s): D20 Nissan Silvia (S15) (800x600)
2 Mad Propz Black "Speed Trapper", "HW68ESDC", Black & Red tampos White Red tint Chrome Red Micro5SP T9895 Malaysia Base Code(s): C47, D01 Mad propz 2011 black
3 Lotus Sport Elise Metallic Green Light and trim details Black / Plastic Tinted Black 10SP T9896 Malaysia Base Code(s): D09, D10, D11 LotusSportElise HWY
4 Ferrari F430 Spider Red, Ferrari logo on front, sides Black / Plastic Tinted Black OH5 T9897 Malaysia Base Code(s) C51, D01 Ferrari F430 Spider 03
5 Nerve Hammer Purple Yellow, Black, Silver, & White tampos on sides Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Yellow) Chrome OH5 w/ Yellow spokes & rims T9898 Malaysia Also Circuit Champions Intl Release
Base code(s): C44, D34
NerveHammer HWY Purple
6 Tow Jam Metalflake Dark Blue White, Yellow, Red & Blue flames, "Turbo Tow Service" Chrome Plastic Black 5SP T9899 Malaysia Base Code(s): D25 Tow Jam (800x600)

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