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Hill's was a department store which was in operation from 1957 to 1999. During the last few years of its existence, Hill's commissioned several Hot Wheels sets and vehicles to be sold exclusively at its stores.

From 1995 to 1997 Hot Wheels produced exclusive 'Year in Review' box sets for Hill's which featured all twelve First Editions from the year. They were limited edition (7000, 5000 and 5000 respectively) and were the first time that collectors could purchase all the year's First Editions in one set. Instead of including all 40 First Editions for 1998, the box set (now named Cool 'N' Custom) only featured eight vehicles.

In addition to the yearly box sets, Hill's also sold one exclusive premium vehicle each year from 1995 1999 in a special box labelled "CLASSIC Limited Collector Edition".

95,96,97 Year in Review Sets.jpeg

1995 Year in Review Set

"Now for the first time, you can get all 12 cars from the 1995 New Model Series in one special collection. Introducing the 1995 Year in Review. This special set was created exclusively for Hills and is featured in a handsome display. It's a great way to start your own HOT WHEELS collection!"

1995 Hill's Year in Review.jpeg

Speed Blaster Dodge Ram 1500
Mercedes SL Camaro Convertible
'58 Corvette Coupe Power Pistons
Speed-A-Saurus Ferrari 355
Power Pipes Power Rocket
Hydroplane Big Chill

1996 Year in Review II Set

"Mattel and HILLS proudly join forces to present the second in the series - Hills Year in Review II. This exclusively-designed package features all 12 1996 FIRST EDITIONS cars with cool wheels and gleaming paint jobs. You'll be singin' Jingle Bells with the December car, offered for the first time at retail in this set!  Start collecting fast, or add to what you have with this limited edition set. Just one in a series of 5,000! You will treasure it for years down the roadway!" 

1996 Hill's Year in Review.jpeg

1996 Mustang GT Road Rocket
1996 Chevy 1500 Turbo Flame
1970 Dodge Charger Daytona Radio Flyer Wagon
Street Cleaver Dogfighter
Rail Rodder Twang Thang
Volkswagen Drag Bus Ferrari F50 Spider

1997 Year in Review III Set

"Mattel joins Hills in proudly presenting the third in the series - Hills Year in Review III. Exclusively designed for Hills, this collection features all 12 1997 FIRST EDITIONS CARS. This is one in a series of 5,000. Start a collection today, or add to yours with this limited edition set. Collecting will become your driving passion."  

1997 Hill's Year in Review.jpeg

Firebird Funny Car Way 2 Fast
Ford F-150 '97 Corvette
Excavator Scorchin' Scooter
Saltflat Racer Mercedes C-Class
'59 Chevy Impala '70 Plymouth Barracuda
BMW Z4 M 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach

1998 Cool 'N' Custom Set

"You can't please all of the people all of the time. That old saying is never more true than in the automotive world, where there are hundreds, even thousands of models from which we can choose. Yet some of us can't find the car that is just right. So we drop, chop, channel, paint, jack up, lower, add blowers and basically create our own custom cars to better fit our unique desires and personalities. Hills joins Mattel in pleasing custom car fans with this exclusive COOL'N CUSTOMS special edition car set. Eight newly-tooled 1998 FIRST EDITIONS cars that celebrate our need to see and be seen with some of the coolest hot rods to ever burn rubber"

1998 Hill's Cool'N Custom Set-Front.jpeg

'65 Chevy Impala

(Dropped & Chopped Chevy)

Dodge Sidewinder
Customized C3500

(Chevy Crew Cab Dually)

'32 Ford

(Hi Boy Deuce Coupe)

Tail Dragger

('41 Ford)

Dodge Caravan

(Based on the ESS Show Car)

'40 Ford

(Hot Rod Pick Up)

'63 T-Bird

Classic Limited Collector Edition Vehicles

Number Year Casting Name Photo
14022 1995 '58 Corvette 58corvette.teal.jpg
15929 1996 '67 Camaro HillsCamaro.jpg
17273 1997 '70 Plymouth Barracuda 1996-barracuda-classic-limited.jpg
20654 1998 '67 Pontiac GTO Image Not Available.jpg
22938 1999 '70 Mustang Mach 1 Hills.jpg