In 2018, Hot Wheels released a series of 8 vehicles commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Honda.

|Dumpbin Graphic. Sept 2018


The following vehicles were used in the Honda: 70th Anniversary Series:

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card
1/8 FKD23 '85 Honda CR-X Matte Black Red Stripes, '85' and 'Honda' Chrome Gold 10SP Base code(s):


20180714 020011 Crx
2/8 FKD24 1990 Honda Civic EF Yellow Black & Red Stripes on sides and hood PR5 Base code(s):

K49, L09

20180714 020106 Honda70EF
3/8 FKD25 Honda Civic Si (2001) Orange Black & Gold Stripe on side, Black Hood and Roof Black (GoldRim) PR5 Base code(s):

K49, L13

20180714 020118 27300
4/8 FKD26 Honda Civic Si (2006) Light Blue Black Stripes on Hood, Roof and Sides, '70', 'Honda' and Sponsors Logos TRAP5 Base code(s): K49, L12 '06CivicSi70th 274
5/8 FKD27 Honda Monkey Z50 Green Orange Stripe and 'Honda' on fuel tank MC3 Base code(s):


Image Not Available HondaMonkey70thCarded
6/8 FKD28 Honda Racer White Black & Red Stripes and 'Honda' Gray RA6 Base code(s):


Image Not Available HondaRacer70thAnnCarded
7/8 FKD29 Honda S2000 Dark Red Badges 10SP Base code(s):

K49, L12

HONDA S2000 HondaS2000Carded70th
8/8 FKD30 Honda Odyssey Silver Black Stripe on sides Black (Chrome Rim) PR5 Base code(s):

K49, L13

Odyssey Grey 18 DSC07490-0

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