The following castings were in the 2007 Hot Trucks 5-Packs:

HW 5pack Hot Trucks

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Moto-Crossed Red Yellow, black, white & orange tampos, "68" Unpainted / Metal Amber Black 5SP Thailand 2007-5P-Hot Trucks-Moto-Crossed
Off Track Yellow Orange & black "tiger stripes" Unpainted / Metal Orange Orange 5SP Thailand 2007-5P-Hot Trucks-Off Track
Qombee Metalflake Brown Yellow flame outline Black Yellow Gold Gold PR5 Malaysia 2007-5P-Hot Trucks-Qombee
Nissan Titan Metalflake Orange Yellow & orange flames, white lower panel Black / Plastic Tinted Chrome 5SP Thailand 2007-5P-Hot Trucks-Nissan Titan
Ford F-150 Black Yellow & orange flames Black / Plastic Tinted OR5SP Thailand 2007-5P-Hot Trucks-1997 Ford F-150
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