Released in 2010, the Hot Tunerz 5-Pack featured the 5 castings listed below

5pack 2010 HotTunerz


The Following Castings were in the Hot Tunerz 5-Pack (#R0972):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Tantrum Light Blue Black / Plastic Clear Dark Blue / Gold Chrome Gold 10SP Thailand Base code C20 Tantrum tunerz5pack
Flight '03 Red and Yellow Unpainted Metal Tinted Yellow 10SP Thailand Base code C20 Flight03 tunerz5pack
Honda Civic Si Metallic Purple Dark Grey / Plastic Tinted Chrome Green RIm, Black OH5 Thailand Base code C20 CivicSI tunerz5pack
Toyota AE-86 Corolla Pearl White Black / Plastic Red tint Grey Red RIm, Black OH5 Thailand Base code C20 ToyotaCorollaAE86 tunerz5pack
Super Tsunami Lime Green Light Grey / Plastic Yellow tint Black PR5 Thailand Base code C20 SuperTsunami tunerz5pack
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