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* [[Krocomodo]] & [[Riptile]]
* [[Krocomodo]] & [[Riptile]]
* [[Sever]] & [[Water Slaughter]]
* [[Sever]] & [[Water Slaughter]]
* [[Hatch]] & [[Scarib|Scar]]
* [[Hatch]] & [[Scarib]]
==Battle Force 5 Fused==
==Battle Force 5 Fused==

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BF5 Logo

Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 is an American 3D CGI animated television series created by Mattel and NerdCorps. The US-version of the series debuted on Cartoon Network on August 28, 2009. There were two seasons, with the last episode airing on July 16, 2011.

The first trailer for the series was released on the official Battle Force 5 website[1] on June 25, 2009.

The show features the epic adventures of a team of teen drivers, protecting the Earth against aliens and robots in amazing, interdimensional battlezones!

Characters & Vehicles

Battle Force 5

The Sark

The Vandals

Battle Force 5 Fused

The following verhicles have come out in the Battle Force 5 Fused series:

Name Year Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
Tangler ATV 2011 Transparent Blue White windows w/ Silver symbols Pearl Purple / Metal White Pearl Purple Chrome & Transparent Blue OR5SP T5901 China Base code(s): 2941AZ Tangler ATV package front
Zelix 2011 Black None Black / Metal Tinted (Black) Black Black & Transparent Black PR5 T5895 China Base code(s): 2841AZ Zelix package front
GearSlammer 2011 Light Grey Pearl Steel Blue stripe on top, Pearl Steel Blue details, Blue windscreen Metalflake Steel Blue / Metal Blue None OR6SP & Black Micro5SP T8888 China Base code(s): 2791AZ GearSlammer package front
Saber 2011 Red Black window on underside, Silver details on top, Red details on underside Unpainted / Metal Black Black Chrome & Black PR5 / Transparent Blue Micro5SP T5895 China Base code(s): 2791AZ Saber package front
Buster Tank 2011 Blue Silver tampos across top, Black windows Blue / Plastic Black None OH5SP T5896 China Base code(s): 2721AZ Buster Tank package front
Reverb 2011 Dark Blue Black stripe across top, Black & Silver grille Unpainted / Metal Black None Chrome & Black OH5SP V0375 China Reverb package front
Reverb 2011 Transparent Blue Silver symbols on top, Black & Silver grille Pearl Steel Blue / Metal White White Chrome & Transparent Blue OH5SP T5900 China Base code(s): 3021AZ Reverb 2 package front
Water Slaughter 2011 Blue & Light Blue None Beige / Plastic None None Silver & Red OH5SP V0381 China Base code(s): 2941AZ Water Slaughter package front
Fangore 2011 Olive Green Brown covers on fenders, Silver details, Red ball on tail Metalflake Copper / Metal None Olive Green BFFOH5SP T5887 China Base code(s): 2821AZ Fangore package front

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