Hot Wheels Track Attack is an arcade-style racing video game, developed by Firebrand Games, and published by THQ. It was released in North America on November 23, 2010 for Wii and Nintendo DS.


In Single Player mode, players can complete 52 events, unlocking cars and earning tokens with each race. Players can choose from 4 scenarios/worlds to race in. Track Attack features 36 Hotwheels original castings, each with 3 paint jobs, and a customizable paint job. In multiplayer mode, up to four players can race at a time. Custom paint jobs cannot be used during multiplayer events. For each world, players can build up to 3 Custom Tracks.

Track Builder

For each scenario/world, players can build and save 3 custom tracks. Players start by drawing the basic shape of their track, which will consist of straight track, small curves, and possibly bridges. After completing the circuit, players can add different pieces of track, such as loops and corkscrews. The player can also use the drawing tool to change the basic shape of the track. The player can test or race on their track any time after completing the circuit.

List of Castings Featured in Hot Wheels: Track Attack:

Asphalt Assault

Buzz Bomb

Cockney Cab II

Deora II

Nerve Hammer

Ultra Rage

16 Angels

Bone Shaker

Croc Rod

Fast FeLion

The Gov'ner

Shift Kicker


1/4 Mile Coupe

Custom Otto




Rodger Dodger

Bad Mudder 2

Dune It Up

F1 Racer

Twin Mill III

Urban Agent

Whiped Creamer II

Paradigm Shift

Power Rage

Solar Reflex

Prototype H-24

Night Burner


Nitro Doorslammer


Draggin' Tail


Impavido 1


  • In the game, Whip Creamer II is referred to as "Whipped Creamer II."
  • On the Multiplayer screen where a player selects how many players will race, several Hot Wheels castings are shown, but are not playable in the game. These castings include Torque Twister and Dieselboy.
  • Paradigm Shift, Power Rage, Solar Reflex, Prototype H-24, Night Burner, Mega-Duty, Nitro Doorslammer, Synkro, Draggin'Tail, Amazoom And Impavido 1 are absent from the DS Version.
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