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Hot Wheels: Unleashed is an upcoming racing video game part of the Hot Wheels franchise. It is set for release on September 30, 2021 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Stadia, Steam and Nintendo Switch.


  1. new Hot Wheels game was announced in February 2021.[1][2] It is developed by Italian studio Milestone on Unreal Engine 4.

Playable Vehicles

Hot Wheels

Model Name In-game
Formula Flashback Veichles-formula-flashback.png
Off-Duty Veichles off duty.png
Supercharged Veichles Supercharged.png
Bad to the Blade Veichles bad to the blade.png
Solid Muscle Veichles solid muscle.png
Veloci Racer Veichles veloci racer.png
Skull Crusher Htw-veichles-skull-crusher.png
Total Disposal Htw-veichles-total-disposal.png
Mountain Mauler Htw-veichles-mountain-mauler.png
Buns of Steel Htw-veichles-buns-of-steel.png
Sharkruiser Htw-veichles-sharkcruiser.png
Deora II HWU-deora-II.jpeg
Bone Shaker Htw-veichles-boneshakers.png
Rodger Dodger Htw-veichles-rodger-dodger.png
RD 02 Veichles-rd-02.png
Rocket Fire RocketFire.png
Surf 'N Turf Surf ‘N turf.png
HW High HW High.png
Time Attaxi Time attaxi.png
Exotique Exotique.png
Street Wiener Vehicles street wiener.png
Winning Formula Vehicles winning-formula.png
Sandivore Vehicles Sandivore.png
Fast Gassin Vehicles fast gassin.png
Dragon Blaster Vehicles Dragon-Blaster.png
Rip Rod Vehicles Rip Rod.png
24 Ours Vehicles 24-ours.png
Street Creeper Vehicles street creeper.png
Tricera-Truck Vehicles tricera-truck.png
Roller Toaster Vehicles Roller Toaster.png
Tur-Bone Charged Vehicles tur-bone charged.png
Tanknator Vehicles Tanknator.png
Power Rocket Vehicles Power Rocket.png
GT Hunter
Bump Around Vehicles bump around.png
Boom Car Vehicles-boom-car.png
Motosaurus Vehicles Motosaurus.png
Nightshifter Vehicles Nightshifter.png
Twin Mill Vehicles Twin Mill.png
Twin Mill III
Mach Speeder
Track Manga Hwu-track-manga.jpeg
GT-Scorcher HWU-gt-scorcher.jpeg
Shark Bite Hwu-shark-bite.jpeg
Tomb Up HWU-tomb-up.jpeg
Baja Bone Shaker Hwu-baja-bone-shaker.jpeg
HW Armored Truck Hwu-armored-truck.jpeg


Model Name In-game
Batmobile Veichles Batmobile.png
Back to the Future Time Machine Veichles Timemachine.png
K.I.T.T. Veichles kitt.png
Party Wagon Veichles Party-Wagon.png
Snoopy Veichles Snoopy.png
Barbie Dream Camper
Wonder Woman
M. Bison

Real Manufacturers

Model Name In-game
Honda S2000 Veichles-honda-s2000.png
Koenigsegg Jesko Veichles-koenigsegg-jesko.png
Mini Cooper S Challenge Veichles-mini-cooper-s-challenge.png
Ford Mustang GT Veichles-2918-ford-mustang-gt.png
El Camino Veichles-71-el-camino.png
Dodge Charger Daytona Veichles-69-dodge-charger-daytona.png
COPO Camaro Veichles-copo-camaro.png
Humvee Veichles-humvee.png
Chevy Veichles-55-chevy.png
Audi Sport Quattro Veichles-audi-sport-quattro.png
Audi R8 Spyder Veichles-audi-r8-spyder.png
Ford 32 Veichles-ford-32.png
Ford Truck Veichles-1956-ford-truck.png
Fiat 500 Veichles-fiat-500.png
Aston Martin DB5 1963
Ram 1500 Rebel Veichles-ram-1500-rebel.png


Name In-game
Garage HWU Garage.jpeg
Skyscraper HWU Skyscraper.jpeg
College Campus HWU College Campus.jpeg
Skatepark HWU Skatepark.jpeg
Basement HWU Basement.jpg
Track Room HWU Track-Room.jpg