Released in 2012, the Hot Wheels Boulevard succeeded the 2010/2011 Hot Wheels Garage.


Ahead of Its Time

The Following Castings were in the Ahead of Its Time Series:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
W4645 '55 Corvette Red New Tool

Base code(s): E27

W4600 '81 DeLorean DMC-12 Metalflake Silver Base code(s): 2012-HWB-DeLoreanDMC12-Silver
W4593 Buick Grand National Matte Black Base code(s): D50, D51 2012-HWB-BuicGrandNational-FlatBlack
W4638 1934 Chrysler Airflow Gold top / Beige sides New Tool

Base code(s):

2012 boulevard chrysler airflow
W4647 Ferrari F40 Red top / matte black lower Base code(s): E33 2012-HWB-FerrariF40-Red
W4607 Golden Submarine Red/Flat Met. Silver Base code(s): D46 2012-HotWheelsBoulevard-GoldenSubmarine
W4614 Phantastique Pearl White with orange flames Base code(s): E38 2012-HWB-Phantastiuqe-PearlWhite
W4621 Pontiac Fiero 2M4 Red Base code(s): Pontiac Fiero 2m4 Boulevard
W4586 Tucker Torpedo Copper Base code(s): IMG 2475c1000
W4631 Vector W8 Twinturbo Red New Tool

Base code(s): E27


Big Hits

The Following Castings were in the Big Hits Series:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
W4610 '32 Ford Yellow Base code(s): 32 Ford Boulevard
W4601 '55 Lincoln Futura Concept Pearl White New Tool

Base code(s):

W4597 '57 Chevy Bel Air Pearl Orange Base code(s): P1040290
W4649 '64 Pontiac GTO Matte Met. Grey/ White Base code(s): E28 2012-HWB-64PontiacGTO-White-Silver
W4589 '65 Chevy Impala White w/ Green Graphics Base code(s): Chevy Impala 1965 (boulevard)

'65 Mustang

Metalflake Copper Base code(s): IMG 0892
W4641 '69 Chevy Camaro Metallic Blue Base code(s): E11 2012-HWB-69ChevyCamaro-Blue
W4625 '77 Pontiac Firebird T/A Black Base code(s): Boulevard Trans Am aka The Bandit
W4582 A-OK Pearl Yellow Base code(s): E30 100 3553
W4640 Custom '56 Ford Truck Copper and Beige Base code(s): 2012-HWB-Custom56FordTruck-Brown
W4651 Pontiac GTO Wagon Red and Black Base code(s): E20 2012-HWB-Custom66-Wagon-RedBlack
W4604 Dodge Caravan Slate Blue, Dark Blue Base code(s): 2012 Boulevard Dodge Caravan
Honda Civic Si (2001) Turquoise Base code(s): Honda Civic 2001 (boulevard)
W4634 Honda Civic Si (2006) Green Base code(s): E27 2012-HWB-HondaCivicSi-Green
W4618 Olds 442 Turquoise Base code(s): P1040294
W4648 T-Bucket Base code(s): Boulevard T Bucket
W4596 Volkswagen Beetle Green, White Base code(s): 2012-HWB-VolkswagenBeetle-Green

Concept Cars

The Following Castings were in the Concept Cars Series:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
W4612 '51 Le Sabre Concept Base code(s): Boulevard '51 Le Sabre Concept
W4615 '63 Chrysler Turbine New Tool

Base code(s):

Chrysler Turbine - 12Boulevard
W4627 '63 Ford Mustang II Concept Burgundy and Gold Base code(s): Ford Mustang II (boulevard)
W4606 '09 Corvette Stingray Concept Metalflake Red Base code(s): D50 2012-HWB-09CorvetteStingrayConcept
W4591 Chevy Camaro Concept White/Red Base code(s): IMG 2488c1000
W4584 Chrysler Pronto Black Base code(s): IMG 3189c1000
W4598 Ford GTX-1 Metallic Yellow Base code(s): D42 2012HWBFordGTX1
W4620 Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept Satin Silver Base code(s): E11 2012-HWB-FordShelbyGR1Concept-Silver
W4636 Ford Mustang GT Concept Blue Base code(s): IMG-20130313-00058


The Following Castings were in the Legends Series:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
W4587 '52 Hudson Hornet White/Blue New Tool

Base code(s): D42

IMG 2538c 1000
10001 Classic Packard Black Base code(s): IMG 2541c 1000
W4602 '58 Edsel Metalflake White Base code(s): 2012-HWB-'58 Edsel-White
W4617 Triumph TR6 Magenta Base code(s): IMG 3061c 1000
W4595 '70 Plymouth AAR Cuda Metalflake Dark Gray Base code(s): 2012-HWB-PlymouthAARCuda-Silver
W4616 Plymouth Duster Thruster Red and Black Base code(s): Plymouth duster thruster 2012 black-red
W4581 '70 Pontiac GTO Judge Orange Base code(s): 2012 Boulevard GTO Judge
W4652 AMC Rebel Machine White New Tool

Base code(s): E26

AMC Rebel (boulevard)
W4639 Austin Healey Black Base code(s): E28
DSC 6204
W4623 '49 Drag Merc White with Gold Base code(s): Drag Merc (boulevard)
W46324 '41 Willys Grey with Black flames Base code(s): Ford 1942 Willys (boulevard)
W4646 '63 Studebaker Champ Grey with light blue roof

'63' on roof and doors

Base code(s): E38 Studebaker Champ (boulevard)

Show Rods

The Following Castings were in the Show Rods Series:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
W4626 Copper Stopper Black Base code(s): Copper stopper 2012 black
W4590 The Demon Blue Base code(s): IMG 0896
W4583 Fangula White Base code(s): IMG 8625
W4592 Gangster Grin Brown Base code(s): Gangster Grin (boulevard)
W4642 Hot Tub Base code(s): Hot Tub Boulevard
W4619 Red Baron Red Base code(s): BaronBoulevard
W4635 Rigor-Motor Base code(s): 8482428298 6c6177f7c3 b
W4605 Dune Daddy Purple-metallic Base code(s): Dune Daddy (boulevard)
W4650 Twin Mill Green Base code(s): IMG 3196c1000


The Following Castings were in the Underdogs Series:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
W4643 '64 Ford Falcon Sprint Satin Blue Base code(s):B33 DSC 5507

'70 Ford Torino

Blue Base code(s): 70 Ford Torino Boulevard
W4594 '78 Ford Mustang II Yellow New Tool

Base code(s):

IMG 3030c 1000
W4608 Amphicar Metallic Brown New Tool

Base code(s):

Boulevard Amphicar
W4613 Custom V-8 Vega Base code(s): 2012 Boulevard vega
W4599 Packin' Pacer Matte Black Base code(s): IMG 3055c 1000
W4622 Porsche 914-6 Orange New Tool

Base code(s): E20

W4637 Vairy 8 White/Blue Base code(s): Vairy 8 - 12 HW Boulevard
W4644 Volkswagen Type 181 Dark Olive Green Base code(s): 519T72+J5-L
W4628 Whatta Drag Matte Red/White Base code(s): E28 DSC03277

2012 - Boulevard 30 Car Set

71646768 3723117331047512 2868799426560786432 o
71647718 3723117094380869 4644097331996655616 o
71290973 3723116574380921 5237859501058555904 o
71284465 3723115861047659 736960415979798528 o

The Following Castings were in the 30 Car Set released exclusively at Walmart:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
Fangula Metalflake Purple Base code(s): Fangula (purple-boulevard)


The following castings were in the 2013 series (no specific series names):

Mix 1

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
X8236 '71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon Sea Foam Green New Tool

Base code(s): E46

X8244 Renault 5 Turbo Metalflake Green New Tool

Base code(s): E45

X8288 Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X Metalflake Grey Base code(s): E45 HWB13-NissanSkylineH-T2000GT-X-Silver
X8289 '55 Corvette Pearl White Base code(s): E45 HWB13-55Corvette-White
X8302 '84 Pontiac Fiero Flat Metalflake Grey / Metalflake Orange Base code(s): E46 HWB13-84PontiacFiero-SilverOrange

Mix 2

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
Long Gone Black Base code(s): Long Gone-17508
FPM80 '85 Honda CR-X Yellow / Flat Black Base code(s):
Boulevard 2013 Mix 2 - '85 Honda CR-X Yellow
X8297 '84 Hurst Olds Black w/ Red & White  Stripes Base code(s): 84 Hurst Olds
'12 Ford Fiesta Blue Base code(s): Ford Fiesta Ken Block (boulevard)
T8536 '66 Chevelle Flat White / Red Stripes & 66 Base code(s): F01 '66 Chevelle-Boulevard

Mix 3

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
X8237 '85 Chevy Astro Van New Tool

Base code(s):

Astro van
X8291 Subaru B.R.A.T. Olive Green Base code(s): Bratty car
X8245 '84 Mustang SVO Red Base code(s): Didit Permana
X9292 Ford GT Yellow Base code(s): 2013-HWB-FordGT-Yellow
X8238 '58 Plymouth Belvedere New Tool

Base code(s):

Plymouth Belvedere 1958 (boulevard)

Mix 4

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
X8290 ’63 Corvette Metalflake Light Blue Base code(s): ’63 Corvettet -2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard
X8291 '85 Ford Bronco 4x4 Beige and Blue New Tool

Base code(s):

’85 Ford Bronco 4X4-2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard
X8239 ’88 Jeep Wagoneer Black New Tool

Base code(s):

’88 Jeep Wagoneer-2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard
X8299 Corvette C6R Anodized Silver Base code(s): Corvette C6R-2013 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard
X8240 Porsche 993 GT2 Yellow New Tool

Base code(s):

Porsche 993 GT2-2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard

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