2009 classicset box The Hot Wheels Classics Series 5 Boxed Set was released in 2009 exclusively at Wal-Mart. It featured all 30 of the castings in the 5th Series of Hot Wheels Classics. All castings were released in an exclusive color of Spectraflame paint and featured Real Riders tires. 2009 classicset cars


This Hot Wheels vehicle has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Series # Casting Name Color Photo
1/30 Greased Gremlin Spectraflame Dark Blue Greasedgremlin classicset blue
2/30 Copper Stopper Chrome Paddywagon classicset chrome
3/30 Studebaker Avanti Spectraflame Black Studebaker classicset black
4/30 '70 Hemi Challenger Spectraflame Pink 70hemichallenger classicset pink
5/30 Hammer Sled Hammersled classicset black
6/30 Custom '56 Ford Truck Spectraflame Green '56 Ford Truck - CS5 Set
7/30 Fish'd & Chip'd Fish classicset aqua
8/30 '70 Pontiac GTO Spectraflame Orange 70gto classicset red
9/30 '47 Chevy Fleetline Spectraflame Blue 47chevyfleetline classicset blue
10/30 Tucker Torpedo Chrome Tucker classicset chrome
11/30 Street Rodder Chrome Street Rodder - CS5 Set Chrome Chase
12/30 '65 Pontiac Bonneville 65pontiacbonneville classicset red
13/30 '70 Monte Carlo 70monte classicset chrome
14/30 '58 Edsel Spectraflame Pink 58edsel classicset pink
15/30 2001 Mini Cooper Chrome Mini classicset chrome
16/30 8 Crate Spectraflame Black 8crate classicset black
17/30 '59 Cadillac Funny Car Spectraflame Gold 59caddyfunny classicset yellow
18/30 '29 Ford Pickup Spectraflame Magenta 29fordpickup classicset magenta
19/30 Deco Delivery Spectraflame Pink Deco Delivery - CS5 Set
20/30 SS Express Spectraflame Red Ssexpress classicset red
21/30 Custom '66 GTO Wagon Spectraflame Purple 66 GTO Wagon - CS5 Set
22/30 '62 Corvette Spectraflame Pink 62corvette classicset pink
23/30 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Spectraflame Black AstonmartinDB4 classicset
24/30 Dune Daddy Spectraflame Blue Dunedaddy classicset blue
25/30 Combat Medic Spectraflame Black Delivery classicset black
26/30 Convoy Custom Spectraflame Dark Green Convoycustom classicset green
27/30 Texas Drive 'Em Spectraflame Dark Red Texas Drive Em - Classics 5 Set
28/30 Studa-Beaker Studabeaker classicset blue
29/30 '72 Ford Ranchero Spectraflame Ice Blue 72fordranchero classicset blue
30/30 School Busted Spectraflame Pink Schoolbusted classicset pink

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