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Released in 2010 The Hot Wheels Garage series included this 30-Car set. Featuring the primary 30 cars in the series, of which 5 castings made their public debut, Especially the much anticipated Volkswagen 21-Window Drag Bus.


The Following Castings were in the Hot Wheels Garage (R1788:

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
1 Neet Streeter Metallic Silver Unpainted / Metal N/A Chrome Nickel RRPrf Malaysia NeetStreeter GarageSet.JPG
2 8 Crate Black and Yellow Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Chrome Chrome rim, Grey RRPrf Thailand 8Crate GarageSet.JPG
3 Purple Passion Woody Metallic Teal Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Pearl White LW5 Thailand PassionWoody GarageSet.JPG
4 '66 Chevy Nova Satin Black and Red Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black LW5 Thailand 66ChevyNova GarageSet.JPG
5 Custom Volkswagen Beetle Flat Black and Gloss Black Flat Black / Metal Orange tint Orange Gold Chrome rim, Black LW5 Thailand CustomBeetle GarageSet.JPG
6 Vairy 8 Pearl White and Olive Green Unpainted / Metal Clear Dark Grey Firestone, CDDRR rear / Firestone, skinny Drag tires front Malaysia Vairy8 GarageSet.JPG
7 '57 Chevy Bel Air Lime Green Unpainted / Metal Purple tint Purple White Wall CDDRR Malaysia 57belair GarageSet.JPG
8 '64 Lincoln Continental Satin Metallic Grey Unpainted / Metal Light Blue tint Blue White Line CDDRR Malaysia 64Lincoln GarageSet.JPG
9 Shoe Box Grey and Red Unpainted / Metal Clear Silver White Line, Red DDRR Thailand ShoeBox GarageSet.JPG
10 School Busted Satin Black Unpainted / Metal Purple tint White LW5 Thailand SchoolBusted GarageSet.JPG
11 Bone Shaker Black Black / Metal N/A Dark Chrome Nickel RR5SP Malaysia BoneShaker GarageSet.JPG
12 '69 Chevy Camaro Metallic Blue Satin Metallic Grey / Metal Clear White RR5SP Malaysia 69Camaro GarageSet.JPG
13 '70 Chevelle SS Metallic Grey Satin Metallic Grey / Metal Tinted Black RRE Malaysia 70ChevelleSS GarageSet.JPG
14 '69 Dodge Charger Metallic Blue Unpainted / Metal Light Blue tint White Chrome rim, White RRE Malaysia 69Charger GarageSet.JPG
15 Custom '66 GTO Wagon Black Unpainted / Metal Clear Red Red Line, Black DDRR Malaysia Custom 66 GTO Wagon (R1788).jpg
16 Pass'n Gasser Yellow and Lime Green Unpainted / Metal N/A Chrome Good Year on Rear, RR5SP Malaysia PassnGasser GarageSet.JPG
17 Fish'd & Chip'd Satin Rust Red/Brown Unpainted / Metal Tinted White White Wall CDDRR Malaysia Fish GarageSet.JPG
18 '51 Le Sabre Concept Metallic Pearl White Unpainted / Metal Clear Pearl White LW5 Malaysia 51LeSabreConcept GarageSet.JPG
19 Ferrari 288 GTO Metal Flake Grey Satin Metallic Grey / Metal Tinted Black RRE Malaysia FerrariGTO GarageSet.JPG
20 '41 Pro-Mod Willy Flat Metallic Silver and Metallic Lime Green Unpainted / Metal Tinted Dark Grey Chrome rim, Dark Grey RR5SP Malaysia 41ProModWillys GarageSet.JPG
21 '70 Chevelle SS Wagon Metallic Purple Unpainted / Metal Purple tint Black RR5SP Malaysia 70ChevelleWagon GarageSet.JPG
22 '68 Plymouth Barracuda Metallic Dark Grey Unpainted / Metal Light Blue tint Black Chrome rim, Black RR5SP Malaysia 68Cuda GarageSet.JPG
23 Street Rodder White Unpainted / Metal N/A Grey Yellow Line RRPrf Malaysia StreetRodder GarageSet.JPG
24 Rolling Thunder White Unpainted / Metal Red tint Chrome Chrome rim, Red (Drag Racing) RR5SP Malaysia RollingThunder GarageSet.JPG
25 ’57 Chrysler 300C Metallic Green Unpainted / Metal Clear Pearl White White Wall CDDRR Malaysia 57Chrysler300C GarageSet.JPG
26 Golden Submarine Metallic Black Metallic Black / Metal N/A Metallic Red (Painted Metal) Red Line RR (New Design) Malaysia Castings First Release GoldenSubmarine GarageSet.JPG
27 '71 Mustang Mach I Metallic Black Unpainted / Metal Clear Grey LW5 Malaysia Castings First Release 71MustangMach1 GarageSet.JPG
28 '71 El Camino Black and Metallic Yellow Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Yellow Good Year, Black RRS Malaysia Castings First Release 71ElCamino GarageSet.JPG
29 '34 Ford Sedan Satin Black and Metallic Red Unpainted / Metal Red tint Metallic Red Red Line MD Malaysia Castings First Release 34FordSedan GarageSet.JPG
30 Volkswagen 21-Window Drag Bus Metallic Silver and Metallic Blue Unpainted / Metal Blue tint ZAMAC Chrome rim, Grey RR5SP Malaysia Castings First Release VWT1Bus GarageSet.JPG