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The Hot Wheels Heritage Series was first released in 2015 to replace the ill-fated Hot Wheels Cool Classics.

The castings of the Heritage Series come in two wheel segments: Real Riders and Redlines.

HW Heritage Real Riders Series.jpg
HW Heritage RedLines Series.jpg

Real Riders Series

Hot Wheels® cars turn up the heat with Real Riders™--the wheels that look and feel just like real!

Toy # Casting Name Wheel Type Wave # Series # Photo 1 Photo 2
DMC88 Bubble Gunner RR5SP Wave 1 01/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -1-Bubble Gunner.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN58 Altered Ego Front RR5SP & Rear RRPrf Wave 1 02/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -2-Altered Ego.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN94 Datsun 240Z RRMD Wave 1 03/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series-Datsun 240Z.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN92 Datsun Bluebird 510 RedRR Wave 1 04/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series-Datsun Bluebird 510.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN95 Hare Splitter RRPrf Wave 1 05/18 Hare Splitter-2015 Heritage Series.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFP37 Custom Chevy Greenbrier Sports Wagon RR10SP Wave 1
New Casting
06/18 Custom Chevy Greenbrier Sports Wagon-2015 Heritage Series 6.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN60 Ford Transit Supervan RR8SP Wave 1
New Casting
07/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -7-Ford Transit Supervan.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN61 '56 Flashsider RRS Wave 2 08/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -8-'56 Flashsider.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN90 Backwoods Bomb RR5SP Wave 2 09/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -9-Backwoods Bomb.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN63 '71 Plymouth Satellite RRPrf Wave 2 10/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -10-'71 Plymouth Satellite.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN64 BMW 2002 Chrome & Black RR8SP Wave 2 11/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -11-BMW 2002.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN54 Chevy Silverado ORRRPrf Wave 2 12/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -12-Chevy Silverado.jpg HW Chevy-Silverado Real-Riders Red DSCF6784.jpg
CFN76 '69 Camaro RR Wave 3 13/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -13-'69 Camaro.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN79 Neet Streeter RR Wave 3 14/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -14-Neet Streeter.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN80 Aston Martin 1963 DB5 RR Wave 3 15/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -15-Aston Martin 1963 DB5.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN81 '68 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible RR5SP Wave 3 16/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RR -16-'68 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible.jpg IMG 0130.JPG
CFN96 Texas Drive 'Em ORDDRR Wave 3 17/18 Texas Drive Em - 15 Heritage RR 600pxDM.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN62 Porsche 917K RR10SP Wave 3 18/18 Porsche 917K - 15 Heritage RR 600pxDM.jpg Image Not Available.jpg

Redline Series

Toy # Casting Name Wheel Type Wave # Series # Photo 1 Photo 2
CFN66 Copper Stopper Redline BW Wave 1 01/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL-Copper Stopper.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN67 Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-X Redline BW Wave 1 02/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL-Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-X.jpg Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-X - Redline 15 Cx.jpg
CFN68 '49 Ford F1 Redline BW Wave 1 03/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -3-'49 Ford F1.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN69 '70 Chevelle SS Wagon Redline BW Wave 1 04/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL-'70 Chevelle SS Wagon.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN70 '55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser Redline BW Wave 1 05/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -5-'55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFP10 '68 Dodge Dart Redline BW Wave 1 06/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -6-'68 Dodge Dart.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN84 Bone Shaker Redline BW Wave 2 07/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -7-Bone Shaker.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN73 Custom '56 Ford Truck Redline BW Wave 2 08/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -8-Custom '56 Ford Truck.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN74 '84 Ford Mustang SVO Redline BW Wave 2 09/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -9-'84 Ford Mustang SVO.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN57 '70 Camaro Redline BW Wave 2 10/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -10-'70 Camaro.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN97 Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R Redline BW Wave 2 11/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -11-Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN77 '69 Mercury Cyclone Redline BW Wave 2 12/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -12-'69 Mercury Cyclone.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
CFN65 '64 Chevy Nova Wagon Redline BW Wave 3 13/18 Image Not Available.jpg Rl2.jpg
CFN85 Chevy Blazer 4x4 Redline CT Wave 3 14/18 Image Not Available.jpg Rl1.jpg
CFN86 Mig Rig Redline BW Wave 3 15/10018 Image Not Available.jpg Mig Rig (CFN86).jpg
CFN87 Custom '66 GTO Wagon Redline BW Wave 3 16/18 Image Not Available.jpg 16-pontiac-gto-66-custom-wagon-carded.jpg
CFN88 Corvette C6R Redline BW Wave 3 17/18 Image Not Available.jpg Heritage C6R.jpg
CFN83 Long Gone Redline BW Wave 3 18/18 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -18-Long Gone.jpg Image Not Available.jpg


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