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The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks series was announced in summer of 2018 as a replacement for the long running Monster Jam line after Mattel lost the license to spin master in 2018. The trucks came with crushable cars. Also within the same year, real life versions of Bone Shaker (Monster Truck). Bigfoot. As well as some of the other trucks where created and where in the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour.

The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks live logo

2018 Monster Trucks

Toy # Col. # Casting Series Set # Photo
01/16 Hot Wheels Delivery 4b83ecbf-cc9c-46e4-8fa5-344c28956d8b 1.9e50404d127562f6ddb7526eb4b7980a
02/16 Tiger Shark Image Not Available
03/16 Bone Shaker 8B1B97A2-F94C-4D2E-90AF-5BBD05C30C59
04/16 Test Subject Test subject
05/16 Skeleton Crew Skeleton crew
06/16 Stars & Stripes Image Not Available
07/16 Hot Wheels Racing 1 Hot wheels racing 1
FYJ60 08/16 V8 Bomber Image Not Available
FYJ46 09/16 Loco Punk 2DE20AB8-84BF-498F-B144-E8B956B250A0
FYJ57 10/16 Battle Axe 3A72C4BD-1FBC-43A7-BE40-94B5A4F1811A
FYJ58 11/16 Category 5 Category 5
FYJ47 12/16 Rodger Dodger Rodger dodger monster truck
FYJ56 13/16 Hot Wheels Racing 3 181791EC-BBEF-4B9F-B0A8-CECC6C32F8BD
FYJ55 14/16 Mega-Wrex Image Not Available
FYJ59 15/16 Psycho-Delic Psycho-Delic
FYJ48 16/16 Hotweiler 7CA02AB6-63D7-40B1-8F34-80B0A79885CE

2019 Monster Trucks

Toy # Col. # Casting Series Set # Photo
GBT29 01/50 Steer Clear 2019mt64-gbt29
02/50 Chassis Snapper Animal Attack 1/5 76FC7EC0-AE03-467B-A22E-DE43B980098C
03/50 Hot Wheels Racing 3 E5E20AF3-1824-405E-8641-298F872852E2
GBT40 04/50 Zombie-Wrex Sick Stuff 1/5 2019mt64-gbt40
GBT41 05/50 Fire Starter Monster Myths 1/5 2019mt64-gbt41
GBT42 06/50 Torque Terror HW Demo Derby 1/5 2019mt64-gbt42
GBT30 07/50 5 Alarm 2019mt64-gbt30
GBT44 08/50 Hissy Fit Animal Attack 2/5 2019mt64-gbt44
09/50 Loco Punk Sick Stuff 2/5 3CFF62E9-55E3-4813-9EF7-2F040A7249EE
GBT46 10/50 Podium Crasher HW Demo Derby 2/5 2019mt64-gbt46
GBT43 11/50 Nessie-Sary Roughness Monster Myths 2/5 2019mt64-gbt43
GBT81 12/50 Bone Shaker 2019mt64-gbt81
GBT47 13/50 Hotweiler Sick Stuff 3/5 2019mt64-gbt47
GBT31 14/50 Dodge Charger R/T 2019mt64-gbt31
GBT79 15/50 Loco Punk 2019mt64-gbt79
GBT59 16/50 All Beefed Up 2019mt64-gbt59
GBT78 17/50 Hot Wheels Delivery Image Not Available
GBT80 18/50 Tiger Shark Animal Attack 3/5 Image Not Available
GBT34 19/50 Bigfoot Hot-wheels-bigfoot-1-24-scale-header-copy
GBT50 20/50 Rodger Dodger Sick Stuff 4/5 2019mt64-gbt50
GBT49 21/50 Smash-Squatch Monster Myths 3/5 2019mt64-gbt49
GBT61 22/50 Sriracha 2019mt64-gbt61
GBT32 23/50 Invader 2019mt64-gbt32
GBT83 24/50 Skeleton Crew Image Not Available
GBT82 25/50 Test Subject Image Not Available
GBT52 26/50 Pure Muscle HW Demo Derby 3/5 2019mt64-gbt52
GBT51 27/50 Abyss-Mal Monster Myths 4/5 2019mt64-gbt51
GBT84 28/50 Hot Wheels Racing 1 Hot wheels racing 1
GBT53 29/50 Wild Streak Animal Attack 4/5 2019mt64-gbt53
30/50 Spider-Man Spider-man (monster truck)
GBT54 31/50 Bone Shaker Monster Myths 5/5 2019mt64-gbt54
GBT56 32/50 Steer Clear 2019mt64-gbt56
GBT55 33/50 Shark Wreak Sick Stuff 5/5 2019mt64-gbt55
GBT85 34/50 Rodger Dodger 2019mt64-gbt85
GBT57 35/50 Dodge Charger R/T (HW 68) 2019mt64-gbt57
GBT35 36/50 Hulk 2019mt64-gbt35
GGR60 37/50 Hotweiler 7CA02AB6-63D7-40B1-8F34-80B0A79885CE
GBT36 38/50 Motosaurus 2019mt64-gbt36
39/50 Mega-Wrex Image Not Available
40/50 Leopard Shark Animal Attack 5/5 Image Not Available
41/50 4-Wheel Hive Image Not Available
42/50 ? Image Not Available
GBT89 43/50 Battle Axe 2019mt64-gbt89
GBT60 44/50 Invader 2019mt64-gbt60
GBT90 45/50 Category 5 2019mt64-gbt90
GBT62 46/50 Motosaurus 2019mt64-gbt62
GBT63 47/50 Demo Derby Demo Derby
GBT38 48/50 Spongebob (monster truck) Hot Wheels SpongeBob Monster Truck
GBT91 49/50 Psycho-Delic 2019mt64-gbt91
GBT92 50/50 V8 Bomber 2019mt64-gbt92
GGR60 ? Red Hulk (Monster Truck) Marvel ? Image Not Available
GGR61 ? Iron Spider (monster truck) Marvel Avengers ? Image Not Available
GGT46 ? Darth Vader (Monster Truck) Star Wars ? Image Not Available
GGT47 ? Chewbacca (monster truck) Star Wars ? Image Not Available

2020 Monster Trucks

Toy # Col. # Casting Series Set # Photo
1/75 ? Image Not Available
GJF31 2/75 Invader Tinted Wheels 5/5 IMG 0270
3/75 ? Image Not Available
4/75 Milk Monster Image Not Available
GJD93 5/75 One Bad Ghoul Tinted Wheels 1/5 IMG 0272
6/75 ? Image Not Available
7/75 ? Image Not Available
GJD77 8/75 Twin Mill Crash Legends 1/5 IMG 0271

Connect And crash Cars

In all 2019 releases of the monster trucks, they would come with a crushed car. These cars resemble cars released over the past few years. They are Time Attaxi. Rally Cat. Bogzilla and Cruise Bruiser. These cars can be attached to each other and can be stacked on each other. They where released in red, orange. Yellow. Green and blue.

Crushable cars

In late 2019. The connect and crash cars where replaced by crushable cars. Like the connect and crash cars. There were released in red. Orange. Yellow. Green and blue. These however are completely fictional cars and do not resemble any released car to date.


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