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In 2002, Hot Wheels released a series of 12 original Hot Wheels designs. This series was exclusive to Target


The following vehicles were used in the 2002 Hot Wheels Originals Series:

Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo Loose Photo Carded
56020 Way 2 Fast Black Yellow & Red Flames, 'F/C' and Mooneyes Logo Goodyear 5SP Way2fast blackflames.JPG Originals Way 2 Fast.jpg
56021 Roll Cage Orange Silver Top, Black Sides, '9' and 'B-Man' Goodyear ORDDRR Rollcage2002rr.jpg Originals Roll Cage.jpg
56022 Phantastique Spectraflame Antifreeze & Aqua Details Gold PC6 Phantastique 2001 ORIGINALS IMG 4703.jpg Originals Phantastique.jpg
56023 Arachnorod Purple Black Sides, Purple & Red Scallops PR5 2002arachnorod.jpg Originals Arachnorod.jpg
56024 Muscle Tone Yellow w/ Black Top Black Stripe and 'Muscle Tone' on sides PC6 12289489 1527269597591594 3926677164603934495 n.jpg Originals Muscle Tone.jpg
56025 Deora II Black Chrome Stripe over Top, Details RL DDRR 2002 HW Originals Deora II-BBB01.jpg Originals Deora II Carded.jpg
56026 Maelstrom Chrome & Black Red & Blue Stripes RL PC5 Originals Maelstrom.jpg Originals Maelstrom Carded.jpg
56027 Monoposto Red & Chrome Chrome & Black Scallops on side PC6 Originals Monoposto loose.jpg Originals Monoposto.jpg
56028 Evil Twin White Yellow, Red & Blue Flames PC5 Image Not Available.jpg Originals Evin Twin.jpg
56029 Metrorail Red & Black Yellow Flames and 'Metrorail' on side 5SP Sj2.jpg Originals Metrorail Nash Metropolitan.jpg
56030 Hammered Coupe Silver Blue & Red Flames RL5SP Image Not Available.jpg Originals Hammered Coupe.jpg
56031 Purple Passion Spectraflame Pink Silver Trim, Details RL5SP Passion AGENTAIR 46.jpg Originals Purple Passion.jpg