The Hot Wheels Test Facility 5-Pack (X9854) was released in 2013

HWTF X9854


The following castings were in the Hot Wheels Test Facility 5-Pack (X9854):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Go Kart Front Dark Green Micro 5SP, Rear Dark Green 5SP Country Image Not Available
HW40 Matte Black Grey flames, White '99' & 'HWTF', Red 'Classified' on sides Clear / Yellow Yellow Chrome Clear Yellow OH5SP Thailand Base code(s): F40 HW40 Test Facility 5 PACK 2013 IMG 4288
Nitro Scorcher Red Team Hot Wheels logo, white graphics ,"00" Black HWTF Unpainted / Metal Smoke Tint Chrome OH5 Thailand Base Code(s): 2013 Nitro Scorcher 5 pack
Ground FX color wheel Country 2013 Ground FX
Toyota Off Road Truck White 28, Hot Wheels Logo, Team Hot Wheels Logos, "No Trespassing" Black / Plastic None White Rimmed PR5 Thailand Base Codes: F24 2004 Pick up truck?
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