Custom '77 Dodge Van - 6461cf

Say the word "van," and this is the image that comes to most people's mind.

Throughtout the 40-year history of Hot Wheels, they have always shown a fondness for that home-on-wheels/all-purpose utility vehicle known as a van. It seems like they have always been with us, but they showed a marked incline in popularity in the 1960's to 1970's. With nicknames like "sin bin," they were so popular in the '70's, that songs were written about them, Chevy Van, by Sammy Johns, and movies were made glorifying them, The Van, starring Danny DeVito. Who hasn't seen one or known somebody who had one customized into rolling bedrooms or lounges, and with the obligatory 8-track player?

Here are the different castings of vans they have released, starting with the VW Beach Bomb of 1969 through the Custom 1977 Dodge Van of 2008 and beyond.


These are the castings of Hot Wheels vans and have come out in the following versions:

Col # Years Casting Name Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Series Photo
6274 1969-1971 VW Beach Bomb Aqua, others No tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear White RL 1969 Hot Wheels Beachbomb
6451 1970-1972 Ambulance Blue No tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue tint White RL Heavyweights Ambulance1970
6005 1972-1978 Funny Money Gray "Funny Money Truck" Unpainted / Metal No Windows RL 1972 Hot Wheels Funnymoney
7649 1975-1985 Super Van Black Red and Yellow flame tampos Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black RL Hong Kong Flying Colors Supervan
7661 1975-1977 Paramedic White Red and White "Paramedic" and "Ambulance" tampos Chrome / Plastic Blue tint Black RL Hong Kong Flying Colors Paramedic
9183 1976-1977 Khaki Kooler Olive White "Military Police" and "U.S. Army" tampos on sides Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black RL Hong Kong 1976 Hot Wheels Flying Colors Khakikooler
9641 1977-1985 Spoiler Sport Green Black, Red and Yellow "Spoiler Sport" and sunset tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Blue tint RL Hong Kong 1977 Hot Wheels Flying Colors Spoiler Sport - 6425df
2022 1978-1993 Baja Breaker Gray "Baja Breaker" and Blue, Red, Yellow and White tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Black BW Hong Kong 1978 Hot Wheels Speedway Specials Baja Breaker BlkNredct
2510 1979-1997 Inside Story Gray Blue, Red and Yellow tampos on sides Black / Plastic Blue tint Chrome BW Hong Kong 1979 Hot Wheels Classy Customs Beach Blaster - 6414df
2855 1979-1984 Space Van Gray w/White top No tampos Chrome / Plastic Clear Chrome BW Hong Kong 1979 Hot Wheels Scene Machines Space Van
2854 1977-Present S.W.A.T. Van Dark Blue "S.W.A.T." and "Guard Dogs Inside" White and Orange Black / Plastic Yellow tint Black BW Hong Kong 1979 Hot Wheels Scene Machines
1980 SWAT van scene machine
1135 1980-1983 'Vette Van Black "Vette Van" Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan BW Hong Kong 1980 Hot Wheels Hi-Rakers Vette Van - 6978df
3251 1982-1987 Sunagon Orange and Tan BW Hong Kong 1982 Hot Wheels Sunagon Org
5909 1984-1985 Dream Van XGW Metalflake Blue White, Light Green and Yellow stripe Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan Gray Hub RR Hong Kong 1984 Hot Wheels Real Riders Dream Van MtBlRRG
1792 1989- Ambulance White "American Ambulance" tampos Black / Plastic Blue tint White BW Malaysia 1989 Hot Wheels Workhorses American Ambulance - 6357df
151 1991-1995 Ford Aerostar Metalflake Purple Yellow spot tampos Unpainted / Metal Chrome N/A BW Malaysia 1991 Hot Wheels Ford Aerostar Purple
126 1992-1997 Chevy Lumina Red Stripe tampos on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Tan BW 1992 Hot Wheels Chevy Lumina Red
372 1996-Present VW Drag Bus Metalflake Blue "Fahrvernugen" and "Phil's Performance Parts" Red, Yellow and White tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Orange 5SP China 1996 First Editions Volkswagon.drag.bus.14912.a-l
65605 1996-1998 Custom Van Black "Hot Wheels" Team Racing tampos Gray / Plastic Corgi 1996 Sto & Go Gas Station set Custom Van Blk
633 1998-2003 Dodge Caravan Metalflake Dark Red "Caravan" and "Dodge" Black, White and Yellow tampos Gray / Plastic Clear Gray 5SP Malaysia 1998 First Editions Dodge Caravan MtRd5sp
645 1998-Present Dairy Delivery Pearl White "Got Milk?" Teal and Pink tampos Gray / Plastic Clear Light Blue 5SP Malaysia 1998 First Editions Dairy Delivery - 0125cf
22 1999-Present '56 Ford Truck Light Blue-Gray Purple, Blue and White "Ford Genuine Parts" tampos Gray / Plastic Blue tint Chrome 5SP Malaysia 1999 First Editions '56 Ford Truck FE - 4739ff
077 2000-Present Anglia Panel Truck Metalflake Purple "Johnathan's Toys & Collectibles" w/Purple, White and Orange tampos Gray / Plastic Chrome 5SP Malaysia 2000 First Editions Anglia Panel Truck - 01 HW Racing Kelloggs
014 2002-2007 Hyperliner Yellow "Hyperliner" Black and Red tampos Black / Plastic Smoke Gray w/Red rollcage "Goodyear" Black 5SP Malaysia 2002 First Editions Hyperlineryellow
000 2004-Present (Customized) VW Drag Bus Blue "Hot Wheels" tampo Large 5SP on rear, SK5 on front 2004 First Editions Image Not Available
H2932 2005 '70's Van Blue Red and Yellow flame tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Black RL 2003 HWC Flying Customs #4 - retool of the Super Van 2003hwcflyingcustoms70svan
007 2008- Custom '77 Dodge Van Pearl Yellow "Hot Wheels" flames w/Black, Orange and Red tampos Chrome / Plastic Orange tint Gray Red OH5 Malaysia 2008 New Models 77 Van AGENTAIR yellow
2010-present Volkswagen 21-Window Drag Bus blue and silver tan rag on top ZAMAC gray tint tan RR5SP Hot Wheels Garage 30 Car Set VWT1Bus GarageSet open
5/10 2013-present Speedbox white

"RETTUNGS-WAGEN" #17, red ang black stripes.

Black plastic blue tint chrome PR5 HW Rescue 2013-015-Speedbox-White
2013 '85 Chevy Astro Van red&black sponsors, black stripes. ZAMAC smoke RR5SP Hot Wheels Boulevard Astro van
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