Hot Wheels Wall Tracks are a unique type of stunt track specially designed to fit onto a vertical surface - such as a wall. First coming out in 2011, the Wall Tracks use 3M Command Strips to stick to the wall. Only certain cars work fully on every track. Normal straight pieces of Hotwheels track can also be used.


  • W2815 ALL-IN-ONE PACK/Wall Tracks Complete World with Starter Set, Daredevil Curve, Drift Rally Spinout, x2 Display Packs, and 10 CARS!
# Casting Name Year/Series Photo
1 RocketFire 2009 Stars Series Rockster 09
2 '68 Chevy Nova 2009 Faster Than Ever 68 Nova Faster Than Ever
3 Pontiac Rageous 2008 Egg-Clusives with gold OH5 Pontiac1
4 Pony Up 2009 HW Designs Series with MC5 Ponyup design gold
5 '70 Pontiac GTO 2008 New Models with MC5 70 pontiac gto orange
6 Cockney Cab II 2009 HW City Works Cockney Cab II 2009 - 1255ef
7 What-4-2 2008 Web Trading Cars IMG 4017
8 Ford Fusion 2009 HW City Works Ford Fusion 2009
9 2008 Tesla Roadster 2008 New Models Tesla Silver
10 2010 Ford Mustang GT 2009 New Models 2010 Ford Mustang

Wall Tracks 5-Pack

# Casting Name Photo
1 Power Rage PR
2 La Fasta Orange La Fasta
3 Pharodox Purple Pharodox
4 Trak-Tune Track Tune
5 Power Pipes Red Power Pipes


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