'69 Dodge Super Bee


2008 Hot Wheels New Models #5 '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee in red with Black Bumblebee stripe and 6 pack hood.

Name: '69 Dodge Super Bee
Series: 2008 First Editions
Number: 05
Designer: Fraser Campbell
Hey, everyone, I have a problem. I've searched for a specific car for about 4 hours, but cant find it. The car has no form of identification on the bottom. It just says "1991, Mattel, Inc. Thailand."
IMG 0269
IMG 0266
 Could y'all help me with this? I honestly doubt its an unreleased prototype, but I also can't remember how I ended up with this. 

Thank you, in advance. Honestly, a name, a price, anything couls be helpful right now. 

Don't say it's made by hotwheels, and don't say it's not made by hotwheels. BECAUSE I KNOW IT'S MADE BY HOTWHEELS. basically, dont say the obvious.

IMG 0263
IMG 0265
IMG 0264

On the page for the '08 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR, a 2012 model of the car says Multipack Exclusive, yet i cannot find what pack it is from, can i have a little help?

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